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mikea 11-21-2020 2:36 AM

vride speakers
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for a winter/spring project....
I am thinking that the speakers that came with my 06' v ride need to be replaced.
Does anyone know what the model number is?
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Not sure if I want the same speaker. BUT i do want the same size and mounting screw pattern.

Also I have read on here..
most people post that you have to remove the windshield, some people post that you don't

Bonus info:
2006 malibu Vride with factory speaker on the dash
I do have a ratcheting screw driver (about 1-1/4" from point to top of ratchet)

chpthril 11-24-2020 11:51 AM

The model should be on a sticker on the magnet. I think it was a KS model. However, that model has LONG since retired, so you likely wont be going back with the same model. The new model would actually be a true marine speaker, the KM654. Add an "L" to the end and you get LEDs.

Should be a typical 6.5" with a 5" cutout.

Remove the windshield. Much easier then it looks. Easy with a helper. Much faster then turning out screws 1/4 turn at a time, only to find you need to do some trim work for the added depth of the new speakers.

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