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Slightly scaled down Nautique Super Air G23It's not quite Christmas time yet, but it feels like it here at WakeWorld headquarters. We were pleasantly surprised when brown Santa dropped off a brand new Super Air Nautique G23 the other day. You're probably wondering when UPS started delivering packages as large as a boat. Well, this little package was more along the size of a skateboard then a real G23. It's the remote-controlled version of Nautique's flagship wakeboarding vessel.

Dry Case Phone CaseThe other catch is that it was addressed to my son, so I didn't get to stock it with batteries and give it the first run in the swimming pool. However, I did get plenty of time behind the controls and the impressive wake behind this little toy had massive wakes pounding my pool tiles with relentless force.

It took less than 24 hours for my son to install LED lighting on the tower and sink it a few times as he teased our Labrador and learned that the paw is quicker than the hand. Even if you can't afford a full-size "G", you can zip out to Target and get one of these and it's pretty close to the same thing!

Dry Case has long been the standard when it comes to keeping your electronics dry when you're around the water. I've had a couple on my boat for years and it's great to finally get my hands on the latest version of their phone/music player case.

Connelly SUPI have to admit that with the Wet Sounds on my tower, I don't have a need to bring my music with me while wakeboarding. However, my new Connelly SUP board has me once again needing a waterproof cover for my phone with a waterproof headphone jack so that I can enjoy my music while paddling. The Dry Case has a secure lock, a nifty deflation valve and it's made of tough transparent plastic that allows you to use your touch screen right through it.

The combination of this nifty little case and the drink kozie to which I recently added a neck strap has made me the happiest SUPper this side of the Pecos. Imagine views like this while listening to your favorite tunes and sucking down your favorite beverage. It just doesn't get much better!

Rockstar Pure ZeroSpeaking of favorite beverages, how is it that Rockstar Energy Drink keeps coming up with new flavors and take more and more sugar and calories out of their drinks, yet the drinks keep tasting better. The latest flavors to show up at my front door at the Pure Zero line.

Both of these taste amazing and, since I'm old, I love the fact that they have no sugar and no calories. Punched is fruity and Silver Ice tastes like Squirt or Fresca, so that one is my new favorite Rockstar. I highly recommend that you try them out.

Of course, while you're out on your SUP board, wakeboard or just hanging out on the boat enjoying your Rockstar, you always have to take care of your skin. You young bucks out there looking for the Jersey Shore coloring need to bring it down a notch for the long-term health of your outer Elemental Herbscovering. The best way to do that is to make sure you've got some good product to slather on your skin in generous portions. Lately, I've been using Elemental Herbs.

Let's face it, "testing" sunscreen is a pretty basic proposition. Put it on and if you end the day without a burn, the stuff must work. Well, I can certainly say that Elemental Herbs past my rudimentary test. I'm especially stoked on the lip balm because my lips get charred way more often than my skin and this stuff got me through a four-day weekend at my favorite lake in central Cali without having chunks of my bottom lip heating up and dropping off over the next week (yeah, kind of graphic and gross, but so true).

Go to the Elemental Herbs website and you'll learn a lot more than you probably want to about what's in their sunscreen. You'll see the words 'organic' and 'safe' a lot. In fact, Elemental Herbs is certified organic by USDA/NOP standards. I'm not sure exactly what all that means, but I like the fact that it sounds like they're doing their best to keep me healthy while I'm avoiding the sun. Check them out and see what you think.

Dragon The Jam and MansfieldThe final piece of the puzzle to pure enjoyment in the sun is a pair of sunglasses. Sure any old pair will do in a pinch, but when you spend as much time in the sun as water sports enthusiast, you need to take your eye protection seriously. That's why I'm stoked on two new pairs of sunglasses that Dragon sent out.

The first is the H2O Shawn Watson Jam with green ionized lenses and matte black frames. There aren't many wakeboarders out there with signature shades, but these ones deserve an endorsement. Not only do they look great, but they float too, so they're perfect when you're around the water.

When you get up on shore or you're driving in your car, you can get a little more stylish with it and strap on a pair of Dragon Mansfields. This is their latest and greatest and they have a unique frameless look that gets a lot of people commenting on your eyewear.


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