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Rider Link: Robert Ruiz


Robert RuizWW: Let’s start with some stats… Name, age and where do you live?
RR: Robert Ruiz, I'm 27 years old and I live in San Jose, California.
WW: How many years have you been wakeskating?
RR: I've been wakeskating for 1 1/2 years.
WW: Seems like most individuals start off on a wakeboard and then eventually transition to a wakeskate. Is that how you first started?
RR: I guess that's true, but it didn't take me long to get off of my wakeboard. I was wakeboarding for about 1 year before I threw in the bindings for good.
Robert RuizWW: What lake do you call home?
RR: Calero Reservoir. It’s a very small lake, so you have to get up early and have a good driver, but so worth it.
WW: How is the wakeskate scene in your area?
RR: The scene is not too big, but skaters always seem to hang with other skaters, so we keep a tight crew over here.
WW: Not to sound like a “gangsta” or anything, but who you riding with?
RR: I ride with quite a few people, but two people that are always there to give me a pull and have helped me progress my style are Mike Powell and Rich Facciano. Much respect to both of those guys.

WW: You pretty stoked to be riding with Rich Facciano? 
RR: Beyond stoked! Rich has helped my riding out a lot showing me how these boards work and also helping me get on the water more often.

Robert RuizWW: If someone asked you what wakeskating is, how would you explain it?
RR: I would say it's like skateboarding on the water. A lot of the top wakeskaters are trying to make their tricks look more and more like skateboard tricks. 

WW: Do you own a boat? If so, what kind?
RR: I have a 1995 Ski Sanger. I have a tower on it and the wake is perfect for wakeskating.
WW: What kind of wakeskate are you riding?
RR: I ride an Original Wakeskate made by Rich Facciano. The board has kick tails to give more of a skateboard feel to it and I encourage all wakeskaters to try an Original Wakeskate.
WW: Would you agree that wakeskaters are better swimmers than wakeboarders?
RR: I agree. I’m a great swimmer. No lessons (LOL).
WW: How often do you get out on the water?
RR: I currently keep my boat at the Delta out of Discovery Bay, California. I'm commuting an hour from my home three to four days out of the week.
Robert RuizWW: If Dave Williams said, "Rob, I want to pay for you to go wakeskate anywhere in the world!" Where would you go?
RR: I like exotic places, so Brazil would be my number one, but I'm not too picky. Anywhere with flat water is good with me.
WW: Do you have set as your home page?
RR: I actually have a link on my desktop, but I’m waiting for the app.
WW: Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
RR: For sure. I’m always trying to learn new tricks and perfect the ones I know. I have a vision on how I want my style to look, but a kickflip would be nice.
WW: Do you feel that skateboarding helps with wakeskating?
RR: I feel if you wakeskate and you don't skateboard, you’re not doing it right. Skateboarding has helped me with all my tricks on the wakeskate.
Robert RuizWW: What would your ideal day be like?
RR: My ideal day would be a summer day with some skateboarding, wakeskating and some good BBQ surrounded by great friends and beautiful women.
WW: Are there any wakeskaters that you look up to?
RR: I look up to and respect all the wakeskaters before me that have pushed this sport to what it is today and I hope I can repay them by doing the same.
WW: Wakeskating can be tough at first and frustrating if you have to keep swimming after the board, so what advice would you give to the swimmers?
RR: My advice would be not to swim to your board like you’re in the Olympics. Then you’re tired before you even get on top of the water. And if your board is too far, let the driver pick it up. Hope that helps.
WW: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
RR: Thanks to Mike Powell, Rich Facciano (Original Wakeskates), Austin Watts (The Liquid Playground) and Arun Frances. All of these guys have always given me great advice and supported my riding.


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