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Rider Link: Alexis Balladon


Alexis BalladonWW: Let’s start with some stats… name, age and where do you live?
AB: Lex, errrrr, late 20's, near London, England.
WW: What do you do for a living?
AB: I work for myself, so various things. Some work with my sponsors, I coach and manage a wakeboarder, (Lottie who placed 3rd in the Worlds recently!), I'm also just starting to get into property management.
WW: For how many years have you been wakeboarding?
AB: Like nearly ten years I think.
Alexis BalladonWW: Who introduced you to the sport of wakeboarding?
AB: No one in particular. The cable got built on Willen Lake while I was doing a summer season there.
WW: Where is your local lake?
AB: WakeMK.
WW: It must get pretty cold riding during the winter, yeah?
AB: Yeah! Super thick wetties are key, or flying somewhere warmer. Gloves, socks, the works. It sucks, but at least there are no queues! However the English love a good queue.
WW: Is there a bit of a wakeboard scene going on there?
AB: Yep, there is a friendly bunch of locals who ride there!
Alexis BalladonWW: Do you like to venture out and ride with other wakeboarders or do you stick with the same crew?
AB: I ride a fair amount with Lottie Harbottle, who I coach and is an up and coming grom. I also have a few girlfriends who I ride with at home. I do venture out as much as possible. I think it develops your riding if you head out and about to different lakes. I head to FestWake, BEP, Club Wake Park and JB Ski mainly. I love to ride with the girls I compete with though. We always have fun!
WW: Boat or Cable?
AB: I ride cable. If I'm behind a boat it’s on my surfboard!
Alexis BalladonWW: How about your wakeboard set up?
AB: I'm on the Hyperlite Maiden and the Syn bindings. It’s sick.
WW: What do you enjoy most about riding?
AB: I just love being on the water. Everything about it, riding with friends, getting out on my own, if its cold, hot, glassy, learning new stuff, seeing other people learn new stuff… just all of it. Would rather be on the water than in an office!
WW: What do you like to do when you’re not strapped into a wakeboard?
AB: I surf whenever I can! I like wakesurfing as well, and the occasional round of golf. Otherwise I love hanging with my friends and family.
Alexis BalladonWW: Speaking of family. I heard that you had a little boy recently?
AB: Yes I did! He is five months now. It’s by far the most challenging thing I've ever done, but it’s amazing!
WW: Are you going to get him on a wakeboard and/or surfboard?
AB: Haha, YES! Well, I can't force him to wake and/or surf but he'll be around it enough. I take him swimming every week. I just want him to be comfortable in water.
WW: I am curious. How is the surf in England?
AB: The surf is ok! It’s the Atlantic coast, so we get some good surf here. It’s just a tad colder than France or Portugal.
WW: Do you have some skills on the golf course?
AB: Sometimes! I played yesterday and I was on a roll with my drives! Love a bit of golf!
Alexis BalladonWW: Do you have set as your home page?
AB: Haha, I do now!
WW: Everyone likes to stick a new trick. Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
AB: That would be telling. Nationals are coming up. Don't want to give the game away. Also, just in case I don't manage to land what I'm trying!
Alexis BalladonWW: There is nothing like having an amazing day that puts a permanent smile on your face. What would your amazing day be like?
AB: Get up, have a good breakie, then get out on the water with my friends. Spend the day riding, hanging, tanning and then head out for dinner and some cocktails!
WW: What would you say has been your coolest experience that you have had as a wakeboarder?
AB: Probably meeting people. Traveling to different lakes and hosting Girls Days and Ladies Mornings I get to meet so many cool people! I also did a night shoot on the Pool Gap at Wakestock a couple of years ago. That was pretty intense!
WW: Pro wakeboarders… who would be your top three and why?
Alexis BalladonAB: I like Lior Sofer's style, Nick's (Davies) is always good to watch and Bob Soven. He is just funny!
WW: Are there any spots that you hope to one day ride at?
AB: I would love to hit up some of the cables in the States. I've only ridden boat out there. Also, Hypnotics, Turkey. It’s closer, so more achievable! However, I'm a sucker for a surf trip.
WW: Words of advice to those starting out?
AB: I host/coach various Ladies Mornings and Girls Days and the one thing I always say to the girls who are just starting is that it took me a whole summer to get round the cable (long I know!), so just keep going!
WW: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
AB: I would like to thanks my sponsors; Hyperlite, Mystic, Muvi, Two Seasons, Dragon, WakeMK, Kurup Fit and Nalu Beads.


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