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Old     (bigsurf)      Join Date: Oct 2015       10-13-2015, 9:23 AM Reply   
I am currently surfing behind a 1992 supra sunsport with 2200 lbs of ballast and custom homemade surf gate. I run 4 550 bags double stacked next to the motor with driver side bag pulled back onto rear seat . Right now I own a ronex cortez 4'8", hyperlite landlock, and cwb ride. My wife can rideall three boards with no problems so I know the wave is very surfable but she ways half of me or so. I can ride the landlock for twenty seconds or so before I pearl the nose trying to stay in the pocket. The cwb seems to be a little faster but I have to put my foot half way off the grip on the front to ride causing me to slip and fall. The cortez seems to be the easiest to ride but I only fall or loose the wave by pearling the nose of the board. I think my issue is having to put to much weight on the nose to ride that there is no room for error.I don't want to spend a ton of money on the board if I still have the same problems.
Old     (bcrider)      Join Date: Apr 2006       10-13-2015, 11:04 AM Reply   
How fast are you going? Speed may help your issues. Doesn't get much bigger than a Landlock. You may also want to try not running your surfgate and list the boat for yourself....see if it creates a nicer wave. Inland has the red rocket but it's not that cheap of a board unless you can find a used one.
Old     (That_Guy)      Join Date: Aug 2015 Location: Central Ohio       10-13-2015, 11:54 AM Reply   
I have a CWB Ride and CWB Keg board. We got the Ride from a friend and I could never go ropeless on it, but my wife, who is about 1/2 my size can. I started shopping around but while we were at a marina on Norris this summer they had a CWB Keg for $200 on sale so I decided to give it a try. That board was the first time I could go ropeless, and it's an amazing difference. I still think I will buy a Red Rocket eventually or something of similar caliber but for the price this thing is amazing. I too find myself having to stand fairly far forward, but I can actually just coast on this one where the Ride I had to pump nonstop and it still wasn't enough.

If you're not ready to drop $800 on a board I'd give the CWB Keg a shot.
Old     (bigsurf)      Join Date: Oct 2015       10-13-2015, 11:56 PM Reply   
WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING FROM 6 MPH TO 13MPH on almost glass lake (no perfect pass "will get if we keep boat" just gps device) With that weight configuration and the surfgate set up I have the most lift or "push" of any configuration running 8-9 mph. I have listed the boat with the three 550 is the rear corner and the last one we moved around. My wife struggled to ride the wave. we had the wake gate on and off, the gate parrellel with boat to almost 45 degrees. I noticed if we drove and turned away from the wave we increase ride ability. So I slowly brought the gate in until we had the most push and longest pocket. At least for my wife!!!! I am about sacked out as I bring a couple people with me and the boat becomes very unstable. Suprising this boat holds the much(2200 lbs in sacks, 500lbs of people, roughly 200 lbs of gear)It doesn't bother me but my wife struggles/scares her to drive.
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       10-14-2015, 8:57 AM Reply   
Unless, I am missing it, nowhere do I see how big you are. How much do you weigh? All the boards you mentioned are, well no way to candy coat it, they are garbage. They are the type of bottom dollar boards that marinas stock to give away with a boat purchase or for the weekend warrior to come in a buy when they need an extra boards. Big box boards.

Get a real board, in a proper size range for you, you will then know the difference.

Old     (bcrider)      Join Date: Apr 2006       10-15-2015, 10:01 AM Reply   
Red Rocket for sale:
Old     (bigsurf)      Join Date: Oct 2015       10-16-2015, 8:30 AM Reply   
in regards to my size I'm 6'5 310 lbs. athletic but somewhat out of shape. I was out again on 10-13 and we brought a extra 550 bag. I threw it in the back corner and we speed up to 9.5. Amazing I could ride my Cortez 10 to 12 ft back but 2750 lbs. of ballast is probably pushing it on my boat. how does board width/shape compare to length when it comes to down the line speed? I know that more surface area causes more drag but not enough buoyancy cause drag. thanks for the heads up on how crappy my boards are! its hard to tell what is a good buy and what's junk with out learning the techniques first.
Old     (Jbort)      Join Date: Aug 2011       10-16-2015, 11:24 AM Reply   

I agree w Nick who is very very knowledgeable so here's the bad news. either find a buddy of similar size that has a board that works for him or get a big guy board from specialty maker like Chaos or Doomswell or Walker Project. I personally like my 2010 Walker Project Bazooka which is a big guy board and I go 260+. It fast but really rides smooth for me and have not found a good replacement so i keep riding. Some folks like it, others find it too fast. One of my big guy wake surf buddies has one too and really likes. they cost $200-350 more than the factory boards but very much worth it since I owned for 4 yrs and going great.
Old     (adam4x4)      Join Date: Jan 2009       10-16-2015, 5:07 PM Reply   
I'm 6'2" and 300 lbs, Yes we all know we need to get in better shape, but screw it I'm happy. I have a Walker Project Bazooka and LOVE IT!! you can not go wrong with it in my mind. I tried a ronix board and could never go rope less. no problem on this board. My wife has even ridden it and she is 130lbs, to slow for her, but sometime she just wants to relax and ride. My board is 5'. And yes they are not cheep, but worth every dollar spent!

Last edited by adam4x4; 10-16-2015 at 5:15 PM.
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       10-18-2015, 9:03 AM Reply   
Yeah, you are in one of those size ranges that you will need a bigger board. You can ride a smaller board with a bigger wake, but you will have to sack your boat out like crazy and as soon as you try to do a big turn you will bog the board out and likely not recover. The bazooka, the red rocket and my ringer XL-XXL are the most commonly used big boy boards from a more performance standpoint. I also make full sized pro level board but it is rare that the 300+lb guy wants a aerial machine.

The bazooka and ringer Xls are faster and more lively/responsive then the red rocket.

It's not that your boards are crappy, but I for one have run through this discussion a few hundred times over the past 10 years, and sometimes I can be really blunt. People pick up the lower end board because it is what the shop has, or they got a great deal or a friend gave it to them, and they serve a purpose for a little while. But many like you struggle with the boards, so they aren't even good beginner boards for someone like you. Once you have gotten the technique down, you can probably go back to those boards and ride them just fine, but at this point you will likely find them not as fun or not as responsive as your newer board. I struggle with it daily. It is really hard telling people they need to spend a little bit more or do a little bit more research on boards without sounding like a brand groupie or DB.

Big guys like you are some of the hardest riders to get through the first few hurdles (these little wakes just aren't ideal for you big boys). I usually recommend, that larger guys start and learn on your average 6'2-6'5" ocean short board. Then progress them down to smaller wake surfboards.

Old     (bigsurf)      Join Date: Oct 2015       10-19-2015, 4:51 PM Reply   
well I geuss the search for a cheap used board is on my list. Update I went out 10-17- and 10-18 wonderful 62 degree water and 75 degree sunshine. With 2200 lbs in the boat and three people we got a high knee to mid thigh wave. I know hard to believe but it happened. I rode with out the rope for 5-10 mins at a time no problem until I tried something new and ate it hard. I got a 360 on the ronex board with just the to thruster fins but I couldn't keep up and after 10 seconds of attempting to pump lost the wave. so in summary I could probable ride with half the weight on either of these boards.
Old     (phathom)      Join Date: Jun 2013       10-19-2015, 5:05 PM Reply   
Not exactly cheap, but not breaking the bank either ($500ish). I'm 6'0 230ish and rock a Lakewakes Hooligan. Perfect for bigger riders, fun, fast, buoyant. Favorite surf style. Doomswell Nubstep is great too, but spendier.
Old     (brewkettle)      Join Date: Jan 2009       10-25-2015, 5:53 PM Reply

330# ride with Craig Campbell
Old     (phathom)      Join Date: Jun 2013       10-25-2015, 8:57 PM Reply   
So about boat setup. I started riding on a 92 Sunsport. We finally got a really good configuration before upgrading to a v-drive. Can't remember the exact numbers, but they are posted here somewhere by me. Basically bags on either side of the doghouse, bags on top of those and the rear seat, bag under the rest seat, concrete under the gas tank on either corner, custom cut swim platform (this is a huge factor) not digging into the wake, and a custom nss style gate (regular style would work too), wake plate about a pinky width between cambuckle nuts down from level, and running around 9.5mph.
All of this got a very nice surfable wake, long, powerful, and the boat drove better as well.

Keep in mind there are three factors that determine ability to free ride.
1: Board
2: Wake setup
3: Rider experience

Any of those can make up for lack of another. Once my friends forgot the sacks and wanted to still try to surf. They both are pretty experienced and had some half way decent boards, nothing fancy or custom, but not as basic as a broadcast. They were able to freeride with no ballast and just the few people in the boat on that side. There's even a video on here of a guy waitressing behind a jet ski. He has a nice board and has experience, and is able to freeride it. The same goes for absolute noobs on nice board behind dialed wakes being able to freeride very early on. Any two can almost cancel out lack in the third area.
Old    r33pwrd            11-02-2015, 8:35 AM Reply   
I'm about the same weight as you.. I would say a red rocket is the place to start. I can surf mine all day long behind my a24. I also have a phase 5 quest but I'm still to heavy for it to be a ton of fun. If anyone in seattle ever wants to try out a red rocket or quest just hit me up.
Old    r33pwrd            11-02-2015, 8:38 AM Reply   
And as a guy who was "bought cheap boards" save your money and buy a good board the first time.. trust me all the frustration you will save is worth the extra money up front.
Old     (joeshmoe)      Join Date: Jan 2003       11-03-2015, 2:12 PM Reply   
Joal, have you tried an actual surfboard? We bought this pop out surfboard at a department store for $150(the same board was at ronJon for $200)
My son has surfed on behind a jet ski for over a minute. So we took it behind the VLX and it worked great. Does anyone want to buy a Yellow Loogey Inland surfer?
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Old     (fly135)      Join Date: Jun 2004       11-05-2015, 8:58 AM Reply   
I was able to surf without holding the rope behind my Ski Nautique using a Surfboard. The flotation definitely reduces the need for a larger wake.


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