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Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-18-2016, 6:43 AM Reply   
Since barely 2months i've been searching for the best new boat for me. WakeWorld gave me LOTS of tips and advices in the forum so i wanted to give my experience back to help others like others helped me.

I WakeSurf 90% of the time, 10% wakeboarding. I skim either but with years like wakeboard my preference grown with surfstyle past 8years.
My restrictions was wakesurf boat, a 20foot boat, limited budget and wanted new.
At the beginning with little exprerience in new wakesurf boats my choices was between all 2016
Axis A20, Tige RZR, Moomba Helix. I was looking on leftovers for a good off season price.
Wakesetter (malibu) and mastercraft are too expensive.
MB sport or Centurion/supreme have no dealers around here. MB sport and Centurion doesnt exist where i live both dealer are 8 to 10 hours away..
So i've started my research! Came here alot on wakeworld forum for advice. Many people push me on Axis ( I dont know why after testing it) no offense. Many people here doesnt like Tige either (dont know why). But everybody said to me test drive them its YOUR preference and its true. So i booked a test with all 3. Here's my review. Oh yeah and i live in Eastern Canada so the price may be not the same as yours! But i will put it in US dollars.

Moomba Helix 2016.
Its the first one a tested. I had a Outback V for 8years so i was familiar with moomba. I was looking for change because when a bough mine new in 2008 moomba was cheap, it was the budget boat. But many people told me moomba made LOTS of progress since 2008.
First look, moomba is clean, leather is nice. More space then the others. Overall look is OK, dont really like it but for that price FULLY loaded its a ****ing good deal. The seller really dont know his product.. A men with attitude, was not considering i was serious in buying a boat. Service was CRAP, really there for making cash and thats all.
** For me buying a boat is 50% the product and 50% the dealer**
Its really important to have a good experience because you will return there! For services or anything.
Finally i testdrive it. Came with the Raptor indmar 400 and 3,000lbs ballast!! OMG
seriously its too much for me. The boat felt unpowered (compare with the tige same motor) even when the ballast were empty. The wave was big, yes indeed, with 3,000 pounds i hope so! But fuel was burning. Trying the wave with my surf, not impress. Surf system 2.0 is cool too. No progression just a BIG messy wave. Bit It was long! The wave was very long, i would skim on it bit not surfstyle.
Overall moomba was a REALLY good price (58k). But forgot it the second i tried others. Its a good overall boat for the budget.

Axis A20
Men this one was a mess to try! No leftovers anywhere. Axis was my "favorite" before trying it.
This boat was the last i tested because only 1week ago the dealer told me I HAVE ONE!! haha
First look, LOVE the shape. Leather is a little bit cheaper then the others, i confessed.
After looking a little bit i found some negative points. Everything is in pieces, its not molded. And windshield felt cheap.. i was shaking it with my hand. The plug n play system is great, not much stock ballast but you can add as much as you want its a really good point. Less electronic too. In the water, its an agressive boat. A wakeboard monster. The wave for wakeboard is AMAZING. Surfgate works great but its not MADE for surfing you know. It came with the 350 monsoon and its enough.
Overall i liked the boat. Interior is a little bit cheap but its a great boat. Its very stable, good for big crews. For me its a Look at me boat.
Not a very good deal either, 68k. After hours of dealing It was thousand or 2 less than a brand new 2017 with my choices of color/options who comes with a stock 400. I passed.

Tige RZR
Before going toctige i was scared, lots of bad hearing and stuff like that.
This boat has the nicer look of all 3. Interior is beautiful, little details is their force. Lots of options that came stock with the boat, lots of little things that others dont have. Lots of electronic too but that was scearing me a little bit. Tige are more expensive and you know why when you see it. First of all RZR was too expensive but R20 is not a boat to consider when you saw others.
The seller was really REALLY gentle, the service i prefered. He made me try 2 RZR that he had in stock even if i said it was too expensive for me.
First one was AVX with raptor 400. A beast, no other word. I dont know why maybe the gearing but the moomba felt like a grand mother car compared and its the same motor. 1,600 ballat, and the wave, wow! I aint gonna hide it, Tige is made for surf.. When you realise that others need pounds and pounds to compete and dont even equalize.. (No offense, my opinion).
I confessed its not made for wakeboard wave is messy and not that big, its OK for a little bit of wakeboard. AVX technology is amazing, but you have to play alot with settings. Its the best for wakesurf passionate i think, but a little bit complicated. The boat is really sensitive, its no really made for big crews instead you always move everyone at the right place. For me partying in my boat is finish, im mostly just with my gf and my little boy.
Second one was the 2016 RZR taps3 with 360 indmar. The same boat, less feature for the wave but less complicated. AVX makes a better wake but you have to find it perfectly in all your settings. Taps3 is more like allaround, its cool when you have both sides people on board (like my situation). Many prefer a better wake than a wake you can change side in 3sec. For the motor honestly he didnt told me before a tried it and doesnt felt a difference. I had not push it because the minute before a was trying the other RZR.. Less expensive too. After the test i dreamed to have a Tige haha. The dealer was so nice, gentle and always there for his client.
And i leave because 70k was too much for me.
After trying the Axis i return to Tige, it really was the best boat for me! The Avx was sold but the taps3 was still there (1 week later). The seller present me the owner of the dealer. A really humble men who always work for his client. He was there a saturday on beautiful weather. After discussion and hours of dealing, the man make me a deal a cannot refuse.. 66k with all the options, bimini top who dont come stock. When he sold all the 2016 rzr at 78k in the past months.

So i made my choice ! Bought a brand new Tige RZR 2016 and really love my decision.
The customer experience is REALLY important. And this made a very big point with my choice. I know when i will have issues they gonna care more than the ones who are there only for the money.

Hope all this can help others! Oh yeah and sorry for my english! Its not my primary language haha..
Old     (saberworks)      Join Date: Sep 2010       09-18-2016, 11:19 AM Reply   
Awesome, thanks for the reviews. Photos of your new Tige???
Old     (Ewok01)      Join Date: Apr 2013       09-18-2016, 11:21 AM Reply   
If those prices are in Canadian dollars then you got a great quote on all of those boats, but it sounds like you found the perfect choice for you. Congratulations! Have you been over to
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-18-2016, 2:51 PM Reply   
I just register on TigeOwners! And no I convert my prices in US because I know most of people here are in US haha. That Would be some Hell of a deal!
Here's my pic.
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-18-2016, 2:55 PM Reply   
Attached Images
Old     (BrettLee3232)      Join Date: Feb 2015       09-19-2016, 12:31 AM Reply   
Good write up, curios on which prop they were running on the helix. My stock prop was an absolute pig on my mondo. Once I upgraded to the 2079 it was night and day better. It was like the boat could breath haha.

Beautiful boat! Let's see some interior shots!
Old     (chattwake)      Join Date: Jan 2010       09-19-2016, 6:59 AM Reply   
Glad to hear you found a boat that you love that fits your budget!

I am curious where you got this from:
Surfgate works great but its not MADE for surfing you know.
Surfgate was absolutely developed for surfing, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.
Old     (BurnMac42)      Join Date: May 2015       09-19-2016, 8:51 AM Reply   
Dude $66k US for a brand new RZR is a pretty darn good deal I think...
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-19-2016, 9:13 AM Reply   
Yeah sorry for the misunderstanding im a french canadian haha.. My english is not perfect.. I was meaning Axis is the perfect boat for wakeboard. If it was 5years ago i would buy an axis 200% because i was wakeboarding 90% of my time. Surfgate works really great, as an option for surfing. You can easily change your ballast to if you need more weight thats an other big plus. Axis was my second choice its a really good boat man! But For my experience of trying it, i felt the tige is more specialized in the wakesurf, the wave is amazing with the half of ballast weight. And axis is more a wakeboard beast with a really great surf system.
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-19-2016, 9:15 AM Reply   
Id love to put more pictures! But i have big issues on posting picture man! Dont know why they dont upload, they are half cut or in the wrong size..
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-19-2016, 12:07 PM Reply   
I just want do say! Its my personal opinion, my own experiences with these boats. I dont want to bash on anybody. They are all good boats instead. Just few differences between them.

Last edited by Mike88; 09-19-2016 at 12:08 PM. Reason: Tapping error
Old     (getssum)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-19-2016, 5:05 PM Reply   
Really shows you how the dealer demo can make a world of difference. I'm sure the Helix was capable of much more than what the dealer showed you, however someone once told them "just fill the ballasts and use the surf tabs" and that's probably not the best strategy.

Glad to hear you got something that fit YOUR needs best!
Old     (Medium)      Join Date: Aug 2011       09-19-2016, 5:17 PM Reply   
These boats had leather interiors?
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-19-2016, 6:41 PM Reply   
Yeah sure Eric, i know each boats has not given their best! A test drive is really an overall try for few minutes! Tige is the worst for that, the wake of tige is very touchy and you need time to perfect set your wave! So other boat are the same too! Like i said they are all very good boat.
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-19-2016, 6:44 PM Reply   
And yes Jason.. more than that Tige have the best and most luxurious interior of all.. Its with that Tige boat build their name.
Old     (Iceberg)      Join Date: Dec 2011       09-20-2016, 6:36 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by Medium View Post
These boats had leather interiors?
Leatherette (from years ago), plether, or as normally referred to, marine grade vinyl! It got lost in translation.
Old     (mschmidt33)      Join Date: Aug 2013       09-20-2016, 7:25 AM Reply   
Congrats! I as well looked at the A20 vs. RZR for 90% surf and absolutely love the RZR still to this day for a 20ft surf machine. I've been on them all and nothing compares in the 20ft range. A20 did have a better wakeboard wake. I'm running 3K ballast in my RZR with retrofitted taps 3 on my 2013 and it only gets better. You got a better deal then me, I paid more then that for a 2013!
Old     (Ewok01)      Join Date: Apr 2013       09-20-2016, 7:56 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by getssum View Post
Really shows you how the dealer demo can make a world of difference. I'm sure the Helix was capable of much more than what the dealer showed you, however someone once told them "just fill the ballasts and use the surf tabs" and that's probably not the best strategy.

Glad to hear you got something that fit YOUR needs best!
Good point about the Helix, to Mike88, did the Helix have AutoWake? When was the demo? Just curious, even with the exchange rate that's a good deal on the Tige and you hit all the highlights of your wise decision.
Old     (BLucas86)      Join Date: Apr 2016       09-21-2016, 9:01 AM Reply   
Congrats on your new Tige. You'll love it. Great looking boat.
Old     (beg4wake)      Join Date: Aug 2012       09-22-2016, 9:59 AM Reply   
It may have been a little out of your price range...but too bad you didn't get to test out the Nautique GS20 as well. I've heard a lot of people are quite impressed with that boat. I will say though, and this is coming from a '16 G23 owner, Tige does make one of the best looking boats out there IMO! Nice rig!
Old     (Bamabonners)      Join Date: Jul 2011       09-26-2016, 5:35 PM Reply   
very sharp looking boat!
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       09-27-2016, 3:57 AM Reply   
Yeah you're totally right brian. Nautique are The best of the best no doubt about it! Looking are awsome, technology is there and surf wave amazing BUT the price is there too haha.. its like tige rzx man this boat is a beast but too much for budget. If i had a higher budget limit 95% sure it will be a super air nautique.


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