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Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-12-2016, 9:05 AM Reply   
I have always used the Raid "foggers" and they seem to do a great job at keeping spiders at bay @ the lake house. It's one of those things where as soon as I see 1 or 2 I decide to Bomb the house. Each time I use like 3 or 4 of the foggers starting down under the house. But the Other day I found a Black widow spider and decided I needed to up my Chemical assault. Just wondering if any of you have some special concoction or technique that works good. Here is a picture of my UN wanted guest.
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Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-12-2016, 9:11 AM Reply   
And I found this Guy under my Hot Tub cover OUTSIDE! . I have no Idea what kind of spider he is or WAS but he didn't look very friendly so he had to Go! He looked like a black widow but had no red belly marking. I can somewhat tolerate outdoor pests but when they take up residency in my garage, that's when I "got's to get medieval on them "

BTW anyone have a Idea what kind of spider this guy was?
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Old     (bass10after)      Join Date: Feb 2010       08-12-2016, 9:14 AM Reply   
grant each brand uses different active chemical so i usually get two types and typically overdue it when it comes to sq footage recommended. The dry fog expensive cans i like the best because there isn't any mess. mythbusters proved you can blow up your house so don't go too crazy but i add an extra one in bigger rooms or a single in say an hallway even if theres one in a room just because there isn't airflow when these go off. 2 in my 2car garage just to make sure it gets all the critters.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-12-2016, 9:36 AM Reply   
You think the Foggers have any effect on your cars paint or boats surfaces?

BTW I saw Raid offers 2 types of foggers 1 that says you DON'T have to shut your Pilot Light off and one that Recommends you turn off the Pilot light
Old     (jonblarc7)      Join Date: Jul 2006       08-12-2016, 1:50 PM Reply   
I want to know what to spray on your docks to keep them from coming back. My brothers lake house is like it's from the movie Arachnophobia. You can't even sit out on the dock on the swing at night. Because they come out as soon as the sun goes down and they will drop down on your head from above.

Make my skin crawl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old     (denverd1)      Join Date: May 2004 Location: Tyler       08-12-2016, 1:57 PM Reply   
F that!!!

so it looks like a black widow with tan and black legs. is the brown widow. slightly venomous and native to you
Old     (bass10after)      Join Date: Feb 2010       08-12-2016, 4:04 PM Reply   
I take all vehicles out of the garage and put towels under the man door gap to seal it off better too. I've had decent luck on the premeter of the house spraying stuff from home depot but never seem to keep up with it monthly like i should.
Old     (BaadLS1)      Join Date: Dec 2013       08-12-2016, 10:40 PM Reply   
LOL...Come live down in Southern California. Brown and black widows are ROUTINE here. I walk around the outside of the house and go on a spider killing frenzy. 10pm at night and they are out and ready for target practice. I once didn't keep up for 1 summer. Walked the perimeter of the house and wiped out 22 of these guys. They hide in a perforated metal rail about 6" off the ground around the edge of my house.
Old     (BaadLS1)      Join Date: Dec 2013       08-12-2016, 11:06 PM Reply   
Just went and did my outside the house sweep. Failed to break my record of 22, only tied it. 13 blacks (almost all mature), 9 brown (only 2 mature). And yes, I have done the seasonal pest control routine, doesn't keep them away.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-13-2016, 12:28 AM Reply   
Tell me about your "hunting" what do you use to spot them and better Yett what do you use to kill them with?
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-13-2016, 12:31 AM Reply   
If you were to walk around the house where do they like to hang out?
Old     (pesos)      Join Date: Oct 2001 Location: Texas       08-13-2016, 12:49 AM Reply   
Wow where in socal is this? I saw maybe 2 in 18 years.

Had a housemate in college who thought it would be a great idea to keep a couple widows as pets in an aquarium with a mesh top. Woke up one day to screaming and I ran in there and his girlfriend nearly passed out because he evidently had gotten a boy and girl and all the tiny little babies were streaming through the mesh with ease...
Old     (wakedaveup)      Join Date: May 2012       08-13-2016, 7:20 AM Reply   
I do pest control for a living grant. Raid and over the counter products work really well for "on contact" extermination, but it does not leave a residual effect that lasts very long so after about a week they will start to come back. Best thing to do (if not wiling to hire pest control) is to keep the place as clean as possible and remove every single web you can find around the house. The webs are the main source for spiders to trap and eat their prey. Without webs, most spiders will die off due to lack of food or move to a neighbors house where they can find something to eat haha. Web removal is crucial in keeping the population down.
Old     (TTyler89)      Join Date: Jun 2015       08-13-2016, 9:57 AM Reply   
I get some stuff called Viper at my local Ace hardware store that works really well. You have to mix it with water and spray it though. I mix it slightly hotter than the 2% it calls for and add a little Dawn dish soap to the concoction so it will better stay put after spraying vs running off. But this stuff works for a solid 6 months for me. After spraying I don't have any spiders or bugs in or on my house. You might look it up and give it a try. It works especially well at keeping spiders off boat docks. I've used it a lot on all out personal docks.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-13-2016, 12:15 PM Reply   
I bought this stuff yesterday at Lowes. I'm a sucker because this one had a picture of a dead black widow on the label and I was sold!!! it has a battery operated pump in the trigger that sprays the "spider drink" so I did the garage and the entire outside of the house in no time. I de webbed the entire garage and honestly it hardley had any webs as well as the outside of my house.
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Old     (fly135)      Join Date: Jun 2004       08-16-2016, 7:41 AM Reply   
I'd like to find something that could even control spiders for a month. I have photo sensor operated led wall sconces on the front of the house that are on all night and they are a huge spider magnet.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-16-2016, 9:12 AM Reply   
Is it just me or do Spiders seem to have a Season or some sort of bloom? Because untill last month they were under control, then when it got real hot around here that's when I started noticing webs everywhere. The foggers IMO do a great job at keeping everything inside at bay, (Garage is the exception) Mabey because that where the food source for the spiders is? Everything at the lake house runs on 110v so I don't have any pilot lights to worry about so I can get down with the foggers
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       08-16-2016, 1:27 PM Reply   
If I remember correctly spiders hate the cold. Like a reptile they hibernate during the winter I think.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-19-2016, 1:26 PM Reply   
I hope my super bombs and parimater spray didn't take this guy out . I thought tranchulas were good for the garden?
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Old     (BaadLS1)      Join Date: Dec 2013       08-19-2016, 8:04 PM Reply   
I live in North County, San Diego, in Escondido. San Diego is essentially a desert, but with chaparral plant life. Dry and hot, perfect for spiders. Widows love dry, dark areas. I see them the most in the late spring through mid-fall, generally when day time temperatures break 80 F. Widows come out at night, generally past dusk hours. They typically live close to the ground in low traffic areas. I have never seen a tarantula down here in 25 years. What I am not interested in and do fear more than widows is a rattlesnake. We are 2 blocks off from 100% chaparral. Only other thing I do see and am also more concerned about is the coyotes. They occasionally make a loop around the street.

I generally use the Archnaphobia approach. Flashlight + bottle of raid.
Old     (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-20-2016, 12:53 PM Reply   
Billybob; I took your advice and walked around the house with a flash light last night. Yup that's when they are out I got 3 of them,
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