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Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-25-2013, 4:19 PM Reply   
I have had my boat listed for a while now and am not having any luck, I know its a bad time of year but I'm very impatient about these kind for things. Im needing to sell to order a new boat for next year and have listed it on Boat Trader, onlyinboards, ebay, craigslist, and here on wakeworld and have had very few calls. The boat is also on my dealers website as well. Im fairly new to trying to sell a boat on my own and am wondering if there is anything else I can try to move this thing? I love my boat its great I'm just one of those guys who likes to buy a new one every few years and usually trade but this time around I really need to sell.
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       11-25-2013, 4:49 PM Reply   
Lower the price
Old     (shawndoggy)      Join Date: Nov 2009       11-25-2013, 4:59 PM Reply   
wrong time to sell.
Old     (MIKEnNC)      Join Date: Nov 2012       11-25-2013, 6:32 PM Reply   
I looked at it, buddy of mine is looking for axis, but with hours, year, lack of surf system and winter time,, I believe ur price is a little steep. Just had to discount my nautique to move it simply because timing was bad. U may want to consider price drop. What's the price u would have to have to get it gone?
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-25-2013, 6:36 PM Reply   
Message Sent
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-25-2013, 7:02 PM Reply   
You could be right but I have not seen many 2011 A22's with the options any cheaper. The z5 cargo rack is 3k alone and 240 hours.
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       11-25-2013, 7:14 PM Reply   
3k Z5 probably nets you a whopping $500 in resale over having no bimini or standard bimini. You might be better off pulling it off and trying to get $1500 or so for it and drop the price of you boat to 45,900 or so. While 240 hours isn't much it is likely double of 75% of the 2011 boats for sale. That said I am not sure that it is really affecting the price much. I think the yellow may hurt it the resale slightly. Personally I think that color combo is great looking but it would look much cleaner and sharper with the Axis decals removed. Another thing that might deter me slightly is the 750's. Sure I would want them but I am not sure I would want a boat that has been run with almost 2500#'s over stock. Maybe change the add to read "triple plug and play ballast" instead of saying 950 front and 750's in the rear.

So my suggestions:

Drop price to 45,900
Remove Z5 and either put on new boat or sell by itself.
Remove the Axis decals
don't designate the plug and play ballast amount, just say it has plug and play
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       11-25-2013, 7:19 PM Reply   
In the end it is a really tough time to sell a boat unless the price makes it a great deal. Someone has to be looking for the exact boat and color in your area to get close to summer prices. Like other's have said, the new one's coming out with surfgate doesn't do you many favors either. The bad part is there could be excess inventory of used A22's come spring.
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-25-2013, 7:26 PM Reply   
Good Input I think the Z5 must go with the boat because it won't fit my new boat and would be a hassle to sell by itself, never thought about the ballast being an issue and that is on the low end of what I would take for this boat. I'm a fan of the decals.
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       11-25-2013, 7:36 PM Reply   
Then drop the price or hang on to the boat longer than you want to. For the right price someone will buy.
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-25-2013, 7:41 PM Reply   
Thanks for input, and I might let it go lower if someone ever makes an offer.
Old     (norcalmalibu)      Join Date: Jun 2004       11-25-2013, 9:39 PM Reply   
My guess is color and Price, my buddy paid under 10k more for a brand new one.
Old     (DatTexasBoy)      Join Date: Aug 2012       11-26-2013, 5:36 AM Reply   
Time if year is probably your biggest issue. I'm not sure where you live but I've sold both my boats right around 4th July.
Old     (boardjnky4)      Join Date: Dec 2011       11-26-2013, 5:47 AM Reply   
Post more pictures. You have 1 crappy small picture posted in the WW Classifieds. I want to see big up close pictures of EVERYTHING. We can't see the interior, we can't see any detail of the finish (tricked out gel coat is done no favors with the crappy cell phone pic or w/e that is), we don't see a trailer, we don't see the z5 up close (even though it's a 5k option). There are no stereo details other than "sound rack 2". Do I need to keep going?

You have put almost the least possible amount of effort into describing the condition of this boat to any potential buyer. On top of that, you're asking top dollar during the single worst time of year to sell it.
Old     (Fixable)      Join Date: Oct 2012       11-26-2013, 5:59 AM Reply   
1)Better Pictures
2)Better description
3)Get rid of "Tricked Out Gelcoat, Tricked Out Trailer" Or most notably the phrase "Tricked out"
4)Lower price to an off season value

Possible #7- Sell the Z5 separate for $2500.00 to somebody who is dying for one, and wants to save a grand. You will be more likely to find that buyer, than a person that really wants it on your boat.
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-26-2013, 6:27 AM Reply   
You are right on the info on wake world, I put most of my pics on boat trader and onlyinboards. But anyways thanks for all the feedback. I would not have asked if I didn't want to know these things. Thanks
Old     (boardjnky4)      Join Date: Dec 2011       11-26-2013, 8:07 AM Reply   
Just saw this ad. much better job on the pictures.

Might want to show some wake pics?
Old     (Bamabonners)      Join Date: Jul 2011       11-26-2013, 8:30 AM Reply   
Zach, what is the link to your boat?
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-26-2013, 9:38 AM Reply   
I'm at work right now but it is on onlyinboards and boat trader. Adamsville, Tn 38310 it is also on
Old     (chattwake)      Join Date: Jan 2010       11-26-2013, 10:57 AM Reply   
I'm thinking the problem is the price. I sold a solid black 2011 Vandal edition with the big motor, custom led's, tricked out trailer and huge wetsounds system back in 2012 with like 80 hours on it for $54k. With the colors you have, the age, options and hours, I'd say closer to $45k with the z5 is more realistic at this time of the year.
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       11-26-2013, 4:55 PM Reply   
A 45k offer would make me think about selling it.
Old     (nitrousbird)      Join Date: Sep 2008       11-26-2013, 5:48 PM Reply   
I think the boat is priced in-line with the other A22's on the market that also aren't selling.

This time of year, unless you have something hard to find, no one is buying something at a normal market price. Why buy now, when you can't:
- Water test
- Holiday expenses are coming up
- A lot of boats aren't being listed right now

Only a good price this time of year is going to draw in a buyer. Bad time to sell.
Old     (hogHunter)      Join Date: Nov 2013       11-27-2013, 8:03 AM Reply   
Here is an article on how to sell your boat for more-

I pretty much followed all of these tips when selling my boat (we are currently in negotiations) and it's worked out pretty well so far.
Old     (Greeko)      Join Date: May 2013       11-27-2013, 8:37 AM Reply   
that's a good common sense guide. I could have learned a thing or two on my last boat sale.
Old     (scottb7)      Join Date: Oct 2012       11-27-2013, 10:07 AM Reply   
Sorry to report that I think it is price. The boat looks really nice. But like others said unless someone is looking for that particular year/make/model/color you are kind of screwed, and more people look peak season.

You say a $45k offer would make you think about selling, but you also say you are not getting many calls.

You basically have to lower the price to get the calls, and then be ready to come down because everyone wants a little bit off the listed price. If you are not willing to do that then I would suggest becoming comfortable keeping it or be willing to man up take the hit and get it done.
Old     (boardman74)      Join Date: Jul 2012       11-27-2013, 3:18 PM Reply   
Scott is right. If you are over priced people won't even bother contacting you. You probably need to come down some on your price to drum up some interest. Then be willing to negotiate from there. Like Chatt said 45K is probably top money for your boat in the spring. Its worth less now. I flip my boat every year and I list my boat the 1st of August. If it doesn't sell by September 1st, I drop the price significantly. Everyday after that price drops and it gets tougher to sell. I sure as heck don't want to be holding it in October and no way into November. Only way you are selling now till February is making someone a deal they can't refuse. Like said above if you aren't will to do that, get comfortable keeping the boat.
Old     (kelmark2590)      Join Date: Dec 2013       12-04-2013, 8:36 PM Reply   
Craigslist and the right price is all you need to get it sold.

If you need any boat parts to help sweeten the deal, has you covered.
Old     (MIKEnNC)      Join Date: Nov 2012       12-09-2013, 7:51 PM Reply   
I really think being year and all and season over its gonna sale for more around 40k if it sales. I don't c it going for 45 personally, and by next year like others said more will b listed that aren't now and ur boat will be another year older. Move it if u can now even if u take a little less than u prefer
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       12-10-2013, 3:41 AM Reply   
Got a buyer lined up he's waiting for a bonus at work in a few weeks to help on his down payment.
Old     (gibbs114)      Join Date: Oct 2013       01-19-2014, 8:15 AM Reply   
Old     (cwb4me)      Join Date: Apr 2010       01-19-2014, 8:18 AM Reply   
Old     (hogHunter)      Join Date: Nov 2013       03-12-2014, 6:45 AM Reply   
Just saw the good news. Congrats!


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