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tn_rider 08-31-2013 10:08 AM

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Too much for my taste but I would LOVE to hear this boat.
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Midnightv10 08-31-2013 10:24 AM

That poor tower..

Can you imagine trying to wire that thing!!

bass10after 08-31-2013 12:13 PM

incredible. i'd like to hear that.. it has to be the loudest system ever installed on a boat.

Midnightv10 08-31-2013 12:47 PM

No need for FAE on that thing..

jmanst15 08-31-2013 1:55 PM

saw that boat when I was down at liquid trends...it was ridiculous!

beretta5spd 08-31-2013 2:37 PM

I believe this resonates with the old adage..... just because you can, doesn't mean you should haha

tn_rider 08-31-2013 3:03 PM

You get to hear it?

hillbilly 08-31-2013 5:17 PM

I have not heard that boat....but heard the LSV Acme did with a few less WS.....It wasnt even tuned yet and 1/2 power and sounded AMAZING!!!!!

A few guys are trying to be TOPDOG at the river/lake parties around the Delta.....
I wish I had the $ they spent on those systems to pay off my boat!!!!

And I want a pull behind it....the wake has to be good with all those batteries needed....lol

grant_west 09-01-2013 10:53 AM

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22 HCLD's that's pretty crazy. Ryan at Chucktronics started this HCLD Madness with that Digital Camo Xstar.
Ryan are you happy now LOL :)

Dennis why don't you tell us what's in this boat. I would love to see more pics.

Midnightv10 09-01-2013 11:27 AM

Well I can understand the 18 REV 10's..
but why the 4 REV 8's??
Isn't that overdoing it a bit?

WakeDirt 09-01-2013 2:21 PM


Originally Posted by Midnightv10 (Post 1842534)
Well I can understand the 18 REV 10's..
but why the 4 REV 8's??
Isn't that overdoing it a bit?

Head room in the cabin Midnight....duh:rolleyes:

WakeDirt 09-01-2013 2:22 PM


Originally Posted by WakeDirt (Post 1842548)
Head room in the cabin Midnight....duh:rolleyes:

I would have rolled to Rev8s down more so that they blast directly into everyone's face on the boat.

tn_rider 09-01-2013 3:04 PM

It's all rev 10's

rickB52 09-02-2013 6:56 AM

think you can lower the tower with 2 fingers


westsidarider 09-02-2013 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by Midnightv10 (Post 1842534)
Well I can understand the 18 REV 10's..
but why the 4 REV 8's??
Isn't that overdoing it a bit?

They're all rev 10s. The ones on the bottom that look smaller are just mounted on the front of the tower bringing them further away from the rest of them hence making them look smaller

Midnightv10 09-02-2013 12:26 PM

I see that now.. looked deceiving...
what is the amp and battery set up for that thing?

machloosy 09-03-2013 5:39 AM

There may be an obvious answer I'm missing.... But doesn't the rope catch against at least the two closest speakers?

baitkiller 09-03-2013 5:57 AM

What part of that photo leads you to suspect the owner has any intentions of wakeboarding?

tn_rider 09-03-2013 7:30 AM

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2 15's under the dash.

MuskokaCanada 09-03-2013 7:31 AM

Well, if the tranny lets go you might still get home on SPL.

timmyb 09-03-2013 7:45 AM

What is that, like $11k worth of tower speakers? I'm just guessing that they gave him a break off of msrp of $1,199.

wakeandsnow27 09-03-2013 8:09 AM

I can understand 4, 6, maybe 8 HLCDs just be over the top. But 22? seriously?

Definitely not for me, and I like my music loud.

grant_west 09-03-2013 9:14 AM

Wow; 2- 15's at the drivers feet! I have to say that's pretty awesome. IMO that's a great use of space. The drivers feet area is some what hard to get to for storage so it makes a great location for sub Aera. The Vdrive lockers are not used up and for all intents and purpose the boat is still fully functional as a wake board boat. Throwing subs and battery's in the Vdrive lockers and taking up valuable storage space should be a last resort. Lets see some more pic's looks great so far.

tn_rider 09-03-2013 9:41 AM

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All the work done and photo cred goes to liquid trends. If I were in Cali that's who I'd be taking my ride to! Here's one more of the 2L7 15's at the helm and another of a boat they did with 4 arc 12's at the helm.
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tn_rider 09-03-2013 9:59 AM

I'm going to guess 22 rev 10's will still be north of 17-18k.

jv210 09-03-2013 3:14 PM

Those sub boxes are similar in size, but I believe the 15's are in a 10 cu ft box. Ethan down at the SJ Liquid Trends really does a good job making these custom boxes.

The tower is run by 6 ARC 600.2's and the subs are a 2500.1. The one thing I can say after being in this boat this weekend for a little bit and hearing it driving away is that's it's super clear. It's loud that's a given, but so are many other boats with 10 revs on the tower.

DMeyersLT 09-04-2013 10:26 AM

Overkill yes of course but it is exactly what the customer wanted. I personally would not want it on my boat but we definitely would not tell a customer no unless we knew it was going to cause harm to someone or something. This customer came to us asking us to do a job that would make his system the biggest on the water and as for the tower it is. To each his own.

As for the question on the tower and if it can Handel it yes it can. We started with a brand new tower thanks to Malibu. We took the whole tower apart found the parts that were going to cause problems and fixed the issues before the tower was even mounted to the boat. Along with tower being reinforced the boat was as well. So yes this tower and the boat can Handel it and at least 12 more rev10's..........:) Oh and we did not create new access points for wire entering the tower we machined the Malibu parts to fit all of are new 12 12gauge wires for the tower speakers.

Here is a quick breakdown of what is in the boat for gear.
11 pairs of wetsounds rev10
3 pair of wetsounds xs650
2 kicker L7 15's
6 arc audio ks600.2
1 arc audio ks300.4
1 arc audio ks2500.1
2 audio control matrix units for tower
1 arc audio xeq
1 alpine 149bt
12 dc115 full river batteries
160 amp balmar alternator
2 geniuses battery chargers

As for the installation everything in the boat besides the sub box has been built using 1/2" plastic sheet and factory Malibu carpet and everything has been mounted using nothing but stainless. For the sub box it is built to last to not only from the speakers but the elements too. For the wiring if you know me or any of my prior installs you know that we do not cheap out on anything. The wiring in this boat is just as much overkill as the tower. We want are installs to last and be able Handel the conditions of being out on the water. We want the customer to be able to use this boat and if he chooses to be hard on it well than it can take the abuse.

Oh and the customer is all ready planning on more both bass and tower and more lights than we have ever put in a boat.

Big Thanks to the guys that helped make this job come together in 7 days.
The customer Greg
Joe B, Ethan, Danny aka peaches for staying and putting in the long hours with me.
Our neighbors Simmon and Keith two of coolest machinist around.
Arc Audio
Battery systems
Audio Control

Sorry for any miss spelled words or grammar this was done will sitting in 680 traffic.

tn_rider 09-04-2013 10:17 PM

Post pics!! I'd love to see the light install!

saceone 09-06-2013 2:27 AM

I don't think I could afford all the fancy restaurants outings to make up for my gf banging her head on the speakers!!!

She has a hard time avoiding my tiny Roswell setup!

Looks very good, must be the life of the party (cove)!

wakeandsnow27 09-06-2013 8:40 AM

more pics more pics more pics!

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