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ajholt7 05-12-2010 6:31 AM

Krypt HLCD Setups
What is your setup with the Krypt 8" Hlcd's? What cans and amp?

ldr 05-12-2010 7:33 AM

I bought the cans from boardersmall and i have a Phoenix Gold OCTANE R 8.0:4 Amp putting out 250w rms bridged at 4 ohms.
they sound great but i think they can sound even better if i tune the settings on the crossover.

ajholt7 05-12-2010 8:03 AM

Where can I get speaker terminals for the boardersmall cans?

ldr 05-12-2010 8:20 AM

I got mine from radio shack for $5 a piece but you could probably contact ken and get them from krypt I think he had them for $3, www.diywake.com has them as well.

ajholt7 05-12-2010 7:04 PM

Anyone else want to post their setup?

ajholt7 05-13-2010 10:21 AM

I know more people are using the Krypt HLCD's?

ldr 05-13-2010 10:45 AM

AJ it may be that a lot of people have just started getting the 8" since he recently started putting them up on ebay. I do know that there are a few people on the centurion and malibu sites that have put in the 6.5". I guess what i'm saying is that even though a lot of people have bought them, they might not actually have everything set up yet.

xstarrider 05-13-2010 11:10 AM

^^^^^^^^That or they don't want to start getting bashed for having "knockoffs" . They guy who introduced those isn't to well liked here and any post with his stuff usually turns into hating threads.

Regardlesss I am not one of those people...............Any one of the cans from DIY, Aerial, Bullet Lines. I run the DIY wake stuff for my cans and racks. Solid solid product with great customer service. Most people put dynamat or some kind of sound dampening inside the cans to make them sound great. Without it you get a small echo if you ask me. The speakers just sound crisper wth the dynamat at least to my unprofessional ears. All the companies I believe have speaker can packages that get you the terminals, clamps and cans.

I did get to demo a Bullet Lines rotating rack and the rack/mechanism was top notch. I didn't have the cash to drop on two of them at the moment, but when I do I will def be getting 2 of them. Rock Solid design. So I can only assume their cans are of the same.

My Krypts sound great and do more than the trick for me. Would recommend them to anyone on a budget or looking to upgrade their old standard MB Quart speakers to HLCD's without dropping tons of dough.

As for an amp yu ocan't beat the pure power and quality of Kicker for the $$$ in my eyes. A ZX with your specs would def do the trick. There are some better quality amps for sure, but they cost quite a bit more. Again all depends on the budget, but Kicker is tough to beat, quality product for sure.

smitty1258 05-13-2010 6:48 PM

I have Krypt 8" HLCD's

Speakers sound GREAT when compared to my old skylons. You can actually hear the music while boarding now :)

Im running them in the bullet line cans, with a JL 6 channel, bridged ~150RMS per speaker. I plan to upgrade the amp soon so I can put these things to there 250W RMS potential.

My speakers came with a broken crossover, and grill. I emailed Ken and had new ones in just a few days at no cost. I am having an issue with a speaker can though, but I suspect he will take care of it.

+1 from me.

ajholt7 05-14-2010 2:13 AM

Looks like I will be running two 8" Krypt hlcd's in the boardersmall cans powered by a Rockford Fosgate 400-4.

duffymahoney 05-14-2010 8:47 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is mine, I also got my cans for boarders mall. Two sets of 8s. Running at 2ohm via a Hifonics 1010. •RMS Power Output: 2 x 500 W @ 2 Ohms

They are super clean and super loud.

ian_ashton 05-14-2010 2:17 PM


Originally Posted by ajholt7 (Post 1585161)
Looks like I will be running two 8" Krypt hlcd's in the boardersmall cans powered by a Rockford Fosgate 400-4.

This is similar to what I plan to do, but with a Kicker 4 channel, bridged to 2. I snagged a pair of the speakers from eBay a few weeks ago, and just ordered the cans from BoardersMall.

ldr 05-14-2010 10:20 PM


I'm jealous 2 pair with that type of power, those things should scream.

I'm getting my PAC lc-1 next week so I can control the tower speakers seperately. I cant wait to get out on the water again and have more fun with them.

bjeremi 05-15-2010 7:10 AM

I have one set of the 8" driven by a KX450.2. Was hoping to have another set up but the amp I bought didnt work out. Glad to see some people actual got in on the discount when it was around. Damn good sound for the money.

duffymahoney 05-15-2010 10:00 AM

I put a simple dash switch in. It's on the amps remote on. That way I just turn them off. I've had bad luck with PACs. I have had 3 go out, I guess that's not to bad because they are cheap.

xstarrider 05-15-2010 11:02 PM

Couldn't beat the deal. Thanks again J

duffymahoney 05-17-2010 1:59 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here is a picture of their new box that is coming out. It fits either 4-6.5 or cut larger openings and it will fit 4-8".

jroyal 05-18-2010 8:20 AM

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Mine sound great. Can't beat the price.

jonblarc7 05-18-2010 8:28 AM


Are those 8" or 6.5"

jroyal 05-18-2010 8:57 AM

Sorry, those are 6.5" in some cans a buddy of mine made.

duffymahoney 05-18-2010 10:41 AM

I am putting a pair of 6.5's in my buddies samson swivel cans. Sort of like a ghetto exile:)

jonblarc7 05-18-2010 11:47 AM

I was thinking of droping some in my stock Roswell speaker light bar comdo. I just didn't know if they were that much of an upgrade if I stuck with 6.5"

How loud are they at the end of the line? Can hear mine now but I want to HEAR IT if you know what I mean. Plus I would be adding another amp to power them.

duffymahoney 05-18-2010 11:50 AM

It would be night and day. You would need a proper amp that puts out 150 rms at 4ohm.

xstarrider 05-18-2010 1:32 PM

Blair for sure even with the 6.5 it is a huge huge upgrade. Especially with those Kickers in the Roswells. For anyone who is thinking of upgrading the old 6.5 can guts to these it is a huge difference in clarity and volume while riding. You can hear so much more of the highs/low's and overall sounds.

ian_ashton 05-21-2010 1:32 PM

My BoardersMall cans just arrived, and I bought a Kicker ZX350.4 to power my pair. I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them mounted and wired up.

duffymahoney 05-21-2010 1:43 PM

Be careful with the cans when cutting the whole bigger. They scratch very easily.

hawk22 05-21-2010 2:36 PM

what did you use to cut the cans Duffy? My cans just arrived too. I read someone's post said it took him 5 minutes with a rotozip. My buddy went the jigsaw route and he had some probs. ...but I don't have a roto I only have a jigsaw...

ldr 05-21-2010 2:55 PM

I used the jigsaw with a metal specific blade and was fine. I didn't look the best but you don't see that part anyways and yes they scratch super easy.
I'm still toying with the truck bedliner idea.

duffymahoney 05-21-2010 4:26 PM

I used a rotozip with a metal cutting bit.

h20king 05-21-2010 5:35 PM

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I installed two of the 6.5 krypt hlcd,s and am ruining them at 150 watts at 4 ohms and they are great for the money I also installed the real bullet 650hp coax in the interior and they are amazing if I did it again I would use the bullet hlcd,s as well

piggie 05-21-2010 11:28 PM

4 Attachment(s)
i got two of the 6.5'' and have them in the bulletline pods , Just running them of a 5chnnl fusion amp but they still sound awesome .

ian_ashton 05-26-2010 9:07 AM

Yea, I just realized that I will have to cut the holes bigger - I figure I'll blue tape 'em up before I start cutting.

ajholt7 05-27-2010 2:19 AM

Just cut my boardersmall cans. I just used painters tape and a jigsaw. Any scratches will be hidden by the speaker grills. Hopefully I can get a chance to install them next week.

ian_ashton 05-27-2010 9:02 AM

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I did the exact same thing yesterday!

ldr 05-27-2010 9:11 AM

Man, you guys are smarter than me. I wish i had thought of the painters tape, if i had done what you guys did I wouldn't have scratches on the ends of my cans.

ian_ashton 05-27-2010 12:52 PM

I think I want to have them powder coated, but before I do I want to get them installed and test fitted to see what they look like.

duffymahoney 05-27-2010 1:21 PM

I just took mine to a metal shop and had them re-polished. Cost me $20

canadian_waterboy 05-27-2010 3:29 PM

anyone know where I can get the 6.5 inch Krypt HLCDs? I can't find any on ebay... on the 8 inch ones.

ajholt7 05-27-2010 3:32 PM


ajholt7 05-27-2010 3:44 PM

I just taped the outer edge that I was cutting. I left the rest of the cans covered in the bubble wrap they were shipped in.

chpthril 05-27-2010 3:56 PM

It also helps to put a few strips of painters tape on the bottom of the jig saw just to add a little more cushion. I had to do this to the 6 cans I did on the Kicker VLX with the KM6500.2 "6-Pack".

hawk22 05-28-2010 3:54 PM

just did mine. taped the top over the edge a little, left bubblewrap around the rest. metal blade on a jigsaw (18 tpi). took about 10 minutes. Easier than I thought...hopefully the rest goes the same. just bought velcro for crossover, hope to install over the weekend.

duffymahoney 05-28-2010 4:34 PM

Great cheap amp for running 6.5's


Great cheap amp for running 8's


hatepain 05-28-2010 4:59 PM

Hawk, get some "Great Stuff" insulating foam sealant to hold the Cross over in plase as well as pray a little around inside the can to absorb/reduce vibration.

typhoon 05-28-2010 5:20 PM

I have a pair of the 6.5's that dropped into some lightning cans I
had. I run four speakers in my boat on the front channels of a
720 watt soundstream and bridge the rear to the cans for 190
Watts to each. Sounds awesome. I had evids before and these are much
Louder and clearer.

hawk22 05-28-2010 6:28 PM

do I just spray the great stuff right over the crossover? won't hurt it? get it at any store?

h20king 05-28-2010 8:39 PM

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I mounted my crossover with spray foam as well spray a little in the bottom wait for it to expand then place crossover in and wait for the foam to harden wont hurt the crossover and is available at any home improvement store

hawk22 05-29-2010 12:53 AM

Harold what's on the inside of ur can? is that dynamat or somethin?

h20king 05-29-2010 7:27 AM

yes it is deadbeat same thing as dynamat seems to work well keeping the sound above the interior

corbin 05-29-2010 8:41 AM

I have a set of 6.5s that seem to be plenty loud in the boat, probably too loud but to be honest, they aren't really audible out on the line??? I thought maybe I needed to have them pointed out to the sides a bit. I'm running about 200W RMS to each speaker. Any thoughts?

h20king 05-29-2010 10:39 AM

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I am only putting 150 watts RMS to mine and can hear them clearly but my boats exhaust is super quiet I installed the malibu silent rider exhaust tips they are turned down and baffled or another option would be a FAE which is even quieter than the tips but would not work on my boat with the blade

hatepain 05-29-2010 11:12 AM

Hawk, you can go the dynamat route if you want to spend more money but just spiraling some foam around will deaden the vibration as well.

duffymahoney 05-29-2010 12:13 PM

How do you have your amp setup?

hawk22 05-29-2010 5:56 PM

Hate I totally was not thinking clearly when you mentioned "great stuff". I was in stereo mode and not thinking standard household product. Good stuff btw. So this is actually in place of the velcro...I like it. I didn't really like the velcro idea, especially since the back of the can is concaved so it would only hold on the four corners. This makes way more sense. I'm itchin for a new amp now--I must resist. :) Funny how this stuff can snowball in a hurry.

hatepain 05-29-2010 6:11 PM

Oh it snowballs! ;)

Yeah skip the velcro I gaurantee the can gets hot and the adhesive heats up and your cross overs are floating around the can.

corbin 05-29-2010 6:47 PM

As far as mounting the crossover - I used hot glue and glued it to the back of the magnet. I got the idea because I think I saw the new kicker 6000s have the crossover on the back of the magnet.

Duffy - I have a four channel amp bridged, still 4 ohms. The amp can't handle being bridged and then wired to drop it to 2 ohms, not that I have enough speakers to do that anyway.

jmvotto 05-30-2010 5:20 AM

where do you guys set your eq or bass mid tweet settings on these. i have 6.5's in aerial speakers being powered by kicker 450.2 with a westsounds 420. great idea on the dynamat for the bottom side of the pods

jmvotto 05-30-2010 5:36 AM

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krypt 6.5's on a moomba OBV 07

corbin 05-30-2010 8:26 AM

Does it matter how far apart the speakers are?

redm1496 06-01-2010 9:48 AM

what's the best amp to power one pair of krypt hlcd 8"s?

duffymahoney 06-01-2010 10:08 AM

Great amp for running 8's


redm1496 06-01-2010 2:58 PM

duffy, i tried to look at the link but i couldn't open it.

duffymahoney 06-01-2010 3:12 PM


hatepain 06-01-2010 3:16 PM

Duffy he said "best" LOL

duffymahoney 06-01-2010 3:48 PM

Sorry I meant cheap but still pretty good:)

hatepain 06-01-2010 4:22 PM

Kinda like Bud Light right ;)

redm1496 06-01-2010 9:19 PM

i've never heard that many good things about hifonix amps. how about something a little higher quality?

duffymahoney 06-01-2010 10:09 PM

Dude their amps rock! Read some reviews

redm1496 06-02-2010 9:12 AM

any other suggestions?

ldr 06-02-2010 9:15 AM

earmark suggests the JL g1300 per pair of their bullet hollowpoint 7.7's
I would think that the same amp would pusth the krypts just fine.
it's 300 mono at 2 ohms.

redm1496 06-02-2010 9:25 AM

i was thinking about the jl g4500. anybody have any experience with this amp? i just really would like to get at least 250 x2 at 4 ohms for these speakers.

redm1496 06-02-2010 9:34 AM

so let me get this right. if i run a mono amp to two 4 ohm speakers, is that a 2ohm load on the amp? i know a lot of stuff in this world but nothing about audio.

ldr 06-02-2010 1:29 PM

Yes, when wired in parallel.

duffymahoney 06-02-2010 1:32 PM

I would love to test my amp against the JL. My system sounds super clean and super loud.

redm1496 06-02-2010 2:35 PM

well what about staying mono and going with the jl g1700 or a kicker zx 750.1 or an alpine pdx 600.1? any real difference between the three? how would they sound compared to the same speakers on a syn 2?

willrice 06-02-2010 2:46 PM

None of the amps you just listed are full range amps. They are sub amps so they won't work for tower speakers. They would sound terrible compared to a SYN 2. You could use something like the JL HD750/1. It is a full range amp.

redm1496 06-02-2010 3:00 PM

well dang. so what's some suggestions of how i can put around 250-300 watts to each speaker? has to be something less expensive than the syn2 that will give them the power they need. how about something in between the hifonics and the wet sounds in price and quality?

chpthril 06-02-2010 3:04 PM

Take a look at Kicker's new Class D full range IX500.4........250 x 2 @ 4 Ohm

redm1496 06-02-2010 3:29 PM

couldn't find a price on it. probably too new for where i was looking at. what about the zx650.4 or 850.2?

chpthril 06-02-2010 3:51 PM


Originally Posted by redm1496 (Post 1592417)
couldn't find a price on it. probably too new for where i was looking at. what about the zx650.4 or 850.2?

MSRP is about $499 on the Ix500.4

The zx650.4 is 325 x 2 and the zx850.2 is 295 x 2. Out of these two, the zx850.2 would be the better choice as it would be running at 4 Ohm.

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