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Lemonade 03-30-2022 8:40 AM

2014 g21
About to pull the trigger on a G21 with 409 and low hours. Price is right but wanted to check the forums for any opinions about buying a 7-8 year old g-series. Looks impeccable, couple of little wear spots hear and there (notable the fabric panel on the tower, I'm guessing was towed with the cover on and rubbed). He replaced the inboard speakers and added a fresh z5 bimini. Interior vinyl is perfect. Foam flooring shows a rub here and there like a board was stood on end, couple of surface scratches on the platform, gelcoat looks amazing. Had the prop replaced and the original repaired, no obvious signs of damage underneath but I'll be giving it a real good once over again. Cant lake test but can run it in his heated shop on a fake a lake.

What should I look out for?
Any obvious issues to be aware of with this era?
Heard complaints of bow spray on the G23/25 pre-2016, is this hull the same?? Any way to miitgate that??


Lemonade 04-26-2022 11:39 AM

Well with all of your kind assistance I decided to pull the trigger and head over to Planet Nautique! Miss my Sangeroo a litte but hoping for a hot dry summer to learn the ins and outs of Nautique ownership

Thanks all!


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