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chattwake 09-09-2020 2:43 AM

Updated History of Wakeworld Poster
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If you know, you know.

chattwake 09-09-2020 3:08 AM

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To help those who may not understand what the poster is all about, just do a search of the word "gymnast" and read pretty much any thread that mentions the term. Between LON, the guy who bought a lemon Epic who ended up also selling knock-off airbags, the Anything Hotter? thread, etc. Just so much win.

markj 09-09-2020 3:13 AM

There’s been some pretty good entertainment over the years here. The barbed wire MC was a classic that went on for a long time.

wakeworld 09-09-2020 4:16 AM

Just amazing!!

ottog1979 09-09-2020 4:32 AM

Best thread ever!

humboldt9 09-09-2020 5:01 AM

The good ole' days were Level 10 for sure...

denverd1 09-09-2020 5:11 AM

how could I forget about Lon? especially with his star (or someone he knew?) so prominently displayed! barbed wire edition FTW

chpthril 09-09-2020 5:49 AM

They're not warring masks.

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