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antoddio 02-24-2014 7:35 PM

Guest board sizing
Looking to pick up a couple guest boards (so people don't borrow mine!)

For men was going with the Fusion Grind 138 and Domain 8-12
For the ladies I was going to do Angel 134 with Plush bindings. Didn't know whether to get 4-7 or 7-10 in the plush. Wouldn't that 4-7 in womens actually be a 2-5 men's? That seems so small. Am I thinking about this right? I just want some combos that will fit the majority of adult riders on my boat.

Must be liquid force.

Thanks much.

phathom 02-25-2014 12:44 AM

For women's bindings, I would tend to go for the 7-10. A lot of girls I know are anywhere between a size 6 and a size 9. Also some guys with smaller feet would be able to use them as well. It really depends on who you know who will probably come on the boat. If it were me, that's what I would do.
If you are planning on having kids, teenagers, etc. the smaller size might be more preferable. If you are planning on having adult women and a more grown up crew, I would opt for the larger size.
As far as the conversion goes you are right. It would be a 2-5 in mens or a 5-8 in mens.
Having the larger size would also mean that any guys you had ride with a size 5 through a size 12 would be able to ride in at least one of the boards. That is a pretty decent range and should fit most people unless they have huge feet.

Here is a list of average shoe sizes you may want to take into consideration. It all depends on who you think you may have riding with you though.

Male Adult Globally 9-12
Male Adult U.S. 10.5
Male, Height 6’2" 11-12
Male, Height 5’5" or shorter 7-9
Female Adult U.S. 9

antoddio 02-25-2014 6:38 AM

Thanks. I'll probably go with the larger size, as usually there are adult females on board. ;)

I got the fusion grind in case I want to take it to the park occasionally. I'll be riding a new Harley/Vantage CT combo on the water. :)

jhartt3 02-25-2014 6:57 AM

I would make both boards male boards. Women dont usually mind riding a board that is more male colored. where as a smaller guy that comes out to learn may not want to ride the "girls" board. Just go gender neutral on them and dont specify. even though women will typically ride the smaller one.

antoddio 02-25-2014 9:34 AM

Hmm...good thought, but not sure I am that nice of a guy, haha. I kinda want a cute board setup for the girls.

KJ865 02-25-2014 4:45 PM

May want to consider a 137 for the ladies unless you have a lot of tiny ladies. Most of the girls I ride with including myself are between 5'4" & 5'7" and between 125 to 160 and all feel comfortable on a 137. Just an idea. Seems a little more stable having a little bigger board... depends on the riding level of the ladies too.

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antoddio 02-26-2014 3:57 PM

Interesting. The ladies aren't especially tiny. All will be pretty much beginners or total newbies. Still think the 137 is the way to go?

KJ865 02-26-2014 6:40 PM

Yea IMO it will be more stable for them and easier to get up. I've ridden a 134 and almost didn't get up the first pull bc I had to actually put more effort in getting up. It felt a little squirrely even though it was a total beginner board and I was not a newbie. I definitely prefer the 137. I'm 5'7" and about 140 if that helps at all.

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KJ865 02-26-2014 6:43 PM

Or a 136. I think the first board I had/our current girl's boat board is a LF Jett 136. With Ronix Halo bindings. Some of the guys have ridden that board too and enjoyed it. Awesome board to learn on!

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stephan 02-27-2014 1:33 PM

I would go bigger across the board. 138 for the ladies, 142 for the guys. A lot of guests will be just learning and a bigger board will get up on the water easier and be much more stable. Your friends will thank you.

antoddio 02-28-2014 5:56 PM

Def 142 for the guys. Getting a Classic 142 and Index 8-12. I don't care to spend the extra $$ for the Fusion Grind.

For the girls, now it's a Wing 138 and and Wing 7-9. That board and bindings just look great together.

Both girls and guys boards and bindings are somewhat gender neutral as well.

bschall 02-28-2014 7:47 PM

I dont know if you have a shop or not but I have special pricing on the classic, fusion grind, trip, angel, jett and witness (all with transit bindings) if youre looking for a great deal.

antoddio 02-28-2014 8:04 PM

Appreciate the offer but I'm actually setting up as a LF dealer

bschall 02-28-2014 8:38 PM

in that case the classic is a great board cant go wrong. Have never ridden the fusion (wing) but could see it being nice and stable for beginners

wakedaveup 03-01-2014 6:00 AM

Todd, I'm a huge LF guy and love the product and being that you are setting up as a dealer this may be irrelevant to you, but CWB hinge bindings are probably some of the best bindings on the market for fitting multiple shoe sizes. As far as boards I really don't ride anything but LF just because I've had it since day one and can't seem to adapt to other product very well. Boot wise I do not ride LF though as they always kill my feet (Ronix Ones currently on my LF hybrid and really don't care about mix and matching). I'd use your sources to pick up some LF boards for the guests but consider some CWB torques for bindings as that will probably accomodate the braodest range of shoe sizes.


wakebrdjay 03-01-2014 10:18 AM

Get a Trip as your guest board better beginner board than the classic I think.Cheaper too.

antoddio 03-01-2014 3:12 PM

I'm actually getting a Trip for myself. Taking a step backward to the continuous rocker in order to get more consistency. Will see how it goes.

Didn't realize the fusion and wing are they same. They actually seem a little more advanced, but I think for beginners it's not going to make much difference just for getting up and riding straight. Could be wrong, but I liked the design of the Wing so much better(even though I won't be riding it). Just vain like that. :)

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