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amy 10-30-2011 7:40 AM

if you are looking for a new board.....
ch ch check out the new sick line up for 2012 wakeology boards, i got my wakeology board at the beginning of the year and love the way it rides! just hit up lance at lance@wakeology.com and let him know your interested, and he can throw some pretty epic deals your way! hope everyone is still hitting the lake, dont let that cold weather stop ya. live. love. shred.

amy 10-30-2011 7:43 AM

heres a pic of the new boards

amy 10-30-2011 7:50 AM

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for reals this time

cwb4me 11-05-2011 5:08 PM

Nice looking boards.Thanks for the pics Amy.

wakekat15 11-07-2011 6:39 PM

I've been riding the Stoke this year and love how it rides (after changing out those HUGE center fins for something much smaller)! It lands softer than any board I've ever ridden. That is important for old people like me that have had 3 ACLs reconstructed and a serious foot injury last year! :-)

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