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espritv8 05-14-2011 7:29 PM

Amplifier gone wrong?
I was installing my amplifiers in my boat, and i must have done something wrong because all the fuses blew on the amp.

I've redone the installation suspecting a short, and now everything is fine, exept channel 3 on the amp that gives 70% less power than the others.

Did I messed up the amp? Is it repairable?


wakebrdjay 05-14-2011 7:42 PM

did you confirm it is the amp channel by hooking a different speaker to ch.3?You may have a bad speaker.

espritv8 05-15-2011 8:17 AM

The speaker works fine on the other channels.

espritv8 05-27-2011 10:26 PM

Confirmed. Installed my tower speakers in series on channel 3-4 bridged. It is noticeably less loud on the side of the defective channel. I have to crank the gain to the max to equal the other side.

Any ideas on what it might be, and if it's repairable?

ryansgt 05-28-2011 7:17 AM

how many speakers to you have wired in series. if it's 4 and they are 4ohm speakers it means you are running about a 16ohm load. at 6 it's 24ohm and at 8 it's 32ohm. The channel will put out significantly less power at 16 ohm than at 4 and if you have 6 or 8 i am doubting the amplifier would even support it. have you tried wiring in a series/parallel combination. aka 2 sets in series and those sets in parallel. also, just another idea, but don't you want at least stereo out of your tower speakers instead of one mono channel. In an ideal setup, I would just wire them in parallel 2 on each channel. That should net you a 2ohm load, and providing the amp is 2 ohm stable, give you a lot more power.

espritv8 05-28-2011 8:08 AM

Maybe I wasn't clear.

There is one channel out of four with less output than the others. That is with the same speakers or load. There is something wrong with the amp, just want to figure out if it can be repaired.


ryansgt 05-28-2011 5:41 PM

So you hooked just one speaker up to channel 3 bridged and it remains quiet. That would be beyond my ken. As far as i have seen it is usually a replacement issue. You haven't gotten any burnt silicon smell? soldering new capacitors would be an easier on the diy scale but there are a lot of other components that cold be bad. you could take it apart and look for any obvious visual signs of damage.

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