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miljack 07-02-2019 2:02 PM

WTB HL Murray 144 or Ronix Happy Hour 143
I'd like to buy a new shape Murray 144 or a Ronix Happy Hour 143.
Humanoid Cameo or OShea 139 also interested.


hypripper 07-04-2019 4:06 AM

I sent you a pm. I have a 2016 Murray 144 still in the plastic.

Reez 07-05-2019 9:36 AM

I rode an O’Shea for 5 years and loved it . Decided to switch it up and go to a murray 144 and i don’t have a bad thing to say about it but I missed the O’Shea so much I went back to it . Although subtle,I just really didn’t like the 3 stage but that’s 100 personal preference . The board road easy and popped great but at 36 years I didn’t feel like giving it a lot of time when I had something I loved sitting in the boat .My buddy rides my murray now and he LOVES It

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