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SVFARA 08-25-2020 2:30 PM

Rudder Lubrication Question
The Boat is new to me this year. Been fixing lots of small issues and finally shaped a surfable wave this week but the steering still remains Arm strong...

I understand cables fail and it is a 2009 SVFARA SV609 so it is probably due to be changed out...

Tonight I was looking for a part number for my steering cable and looking to see where my Zerk was so I could grease it.

I found a plug below my grease Zerk in the threads where I would expect another Zerk. I read about stacked Zerks in the Searches Iíve done on other boats... and wonder if they forgot one?

Tried removing it and pumping grease into it but nothing came out there... Oozed out the top and pushed out some water... minor steering improvement...

Should there be a second Zerk instead of the plug?

Thinking about adding the second Zerk but figure itís like that for a reason.

Is there a procedure for lubricating the Rudder Assembly?

Next to no information on my boat on the internet and no manual came with the boat.

Thanks for looking.


SVFARA 08-25-2020 2:33 PM


infinitysurf 08-26-2020 2:12 AM

I dont know about the double zerk... my boat only has one and no 2nd hole, mine is a newer design tho (2014) so maybe different? However I think I would put one in for the simple fact that any water in your bilge is going to seep into that hole any time you are higher in the bow and surfing. Seems counter intuitive to me. Since there is a bushing that drops into the top, you would think that zerk greases the bushing and the lower one does the middle area? On mine.... my zerk is basically where your lower hole is located in the picture.
For greasing, I put in a couple pumps and then turn the steering wheel back n forth a few times and then a few more pumps, I also put some grease on my arm pivot points. You can also drop the rudder to re-build it if needed as they do need that over time, its a fairly easy process if you watch a couple utube videos. It does drop out the bottom of the boat so you will want something or someone there to catch the rudder once you loosen up the steering arm at the top. May be a good idea to mark the steering arm and the housing so you re-install in exactly same position as before.
Seems more likely to me tho that if the steering is that tight, you need a new steering cable since they stiffen up and start binding due to corrosion from the moisture in bilge. Should have a number on it so you can buy replacement. Pro tip.... use the old steering cable to pull the new cable thru so the routing is the same as its hard to get the new cable thru in some of those areas.

SVFARA 08-26-2020 10:19 AM

The hole did have a plug I put back in with an Allen key... Water has never entered that open hole thankfully.

I did the same by turning the steering wheel as you mentioned as I pumped in grease.

I was surprised grease never came out the lower hole when I pumped only out the top.

That was what made me wonder if it were separated and if so where would the grease push out the bottom if I installed a Zerk?

I know there is such a thing as too much grease..

The steering cable must be the most popular ever because it seems like Teleflex SSC13418 (18ft) cables are not in stock in most online places Iíve looked...

Iíll keep trying..



jonblarc7 08-27-2020 5:48 AM

You try skidim.com

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