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sexyws6mama 01-16-2012 6:47 AM

My wake vid REMIXXX
I decided last night to do a wake vid REMIXX of my riding..... no real reason for it LOL Just for fun I guess.


Here is original

Let me know what you think! I'm still learning on the water, so be kind! :) And this is like my 3rd time editing to make a vid!

bmock50 01-16-2012 7:06 AM

Lookin good!

cwb4me 01-16-2012 7:38 AM

That was a good mix of angles and shots Audrey.Looks like you have a strong Toeside jump and no fear.Good luck in your future progression and productions!

sexyws6mama 01-16-2012 7:45 AM

Thanks!!! I got big plans for 2012! For 2011, I wanted to make sure I was solid on both w2w including switch :)

jfergus7 01-22-2012 8:31 PM

Great job on the video! Can't wait to see next seasons video's!

hawkeye7708 05-07-2012 8:59 AM

Great riding, especially on the switch jumps! Keep it up! Holding tall all the way through the top of the wake is carrying you over perfectly.

Nice job on the video too! What program are you using?

cjh1669 05-17-2012 12:25 PM

I like the original best!! Great riding!

melanie 05-17-2012 10:29 PM

Super HOT! Like ur 180's and grabs. Make more vids please.

sippi 05-18-2012 6:04 AM

I agree with robert, i like the different angles you had, very creative! and nice riding! you'll be landin a tantrum or backroll this summer! switch and toeside are where its at for sure! And yea chris, i like the original video the best!

jillyjam 05-22-2012 6:51 AM

Nice video Audrey! You go Girl!!!

sexyws6mama 05-27-2012 11:17 AM

Pinnacle version 12 and Thanks everybody. I've started this season late (some injuries) but I have some solids stuff I'm building on and a few things up my sleeve. LOL. Hopefully will have a new vid in July or August.

wksk8r 05-29-2012 10:38 AM

I have to agree that the first one was better.... Keep up the good work!

sexyws6mama 06-21-2012 3:07 PM

Here is another vid I made..........warning not wakeboarding, but tumbling


JoLo_Si 08-06-2012 2:55 PM

Nice work gurl

sexyws6mama 08-18-2012 4:56 PM

Just started working on my NEW 2012 wake vid and so far I like it. Just need to get more footage! :) Hope to post in less than a month!

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