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hawkeye7708 12-02-2012 10:10 PM

Pocono Region, PA RIDERS
Hey all-

I'm moving to the NE corner of Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Allentown... is there anybody out in that region that boards? Looking to meet some fellow WWers in the area!

paulharenberg 12-03-2012 4:31 AM

There are quite a few lakes up in the Poconos, Lake Wallenpaupack being the biggest I think. You should be able to find a pull around there. I ride out of Easton, PA if you can't find a pull and want to make the drive.

hawkeye7708 12-03-2012 7:52 PM

Thanks for the insight, Paul! 45 minutes isn't too terrible of a drive... especially when you're going stir crazy!!

I appreciate the offer, Paul! Looking forward to moving out. Just need to make it through snowboard season.

paulharenberg 12-04-2012 9:37 AM

The Poconos certainly have some ski hills available. If you want to know my preference on those let me know as well.

njskier 12-20-2012 7:34 PM

Ben, As Paul said sounds like you're not too far from Lake Wallenpaupack. Sterling Marine there has a wakeboard team so you may want to reach out to them. What town are you in?

We ride down near Bordentown NJ, prob 2 hours south of you but you're welcome to come down and check out the scene anytime.

Also the NYC boat show is coming, Nautique MC and Malibu will be there. Some of us are meeting up there sat Jan 5th around 3pm at the Nautique booth. Maybe we'll see you.


onesickwake 12-21-2012 6:29 AM

Check out http://www.northeastriders.com for more riding spots! #wakethenortheast

hawkeye7708 01-03-2013 7:52 PM

Dave, I'm in East Stroudsburg, PA, so there's a few lakes around that I've found on Google Maps... it's cold, so I'm map creeping haha

I'll definitely have to reach out to Sterling Marine! I appreciate the heads up!

I do quite a bit of traveling through NJ for work. I know I'll be down near Bordentown every couple weeks! I'd definitely take you up on that offer!

I'm good for at least boat gas, and a helpful pair of hands and comical crashes. haha

I've got a super busy weekend, so don't know if I'll make the boat show...

Also, thanks sickwake! I'll look into that.

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