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Mindy 05-12-2011 9:24 PM

Little Riders
I was just browsing may favorite wake gear webpage and I noticed that there are just as many boards designed for little girls as there are for little boys. That is rad! There may be WAY more options for grown men than women, but the next generation is starting out on equal ground :)

MNRIDER 08-18-2011 8:02 AM

I have a 4 month old little girl, and Im stoked for her to get on the water. Does anyone know the world record for the youngest wakeboarder?

Bumpass1 08-18-2011 7:54 PM

I picked up Liquid Force Star with Prima bindings for my 7 year old daugther for her birthday. Got up on her first pull and has not looked back yet. The kid is killing it with carving. Going to get her switched and jumping before the end of summer.


Video in the thread if interested.

wakekat15 08-19-2011 5:45 PM

Not sure about wakeboarding, but Parks was the youngest skier @ 6 months & 29 days to water ski.


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