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chattwake 09-04-2020 12:10 AM

Chattwake's 2021 Malibu 25 LSV
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Hey everyone! I've been meaning to post up a thread on my new boat.

I was able to make a deal on my 2019 23 LSV with a neighbor of mine, which allowed me to step up into a 25 LSV.

I've had two 23 LSV's in a row, and I LOVED them, but with my kids getting bigger and them wanting to bring friends out all the time I was ready for some more room. As you can see, I went with a pretty unique color scheme. Solid gunmetal flake inside and out with a black hull and vapor blue/black interior. I went with the new 2021 cool touch vinyl and I can absolutely say it stays much cooler than what I had in my 19. I opted for the full Wetsounds stereo (2 Pair of Rev 10's), which has been awesome straight out of the box. I essentially checked every box except for the heated driver seat, power seat and a few little things here and there.

The extra room is amazing. I didn't realize how much difference two feet makes. With the plug and play bags the surf wave is epic. I'm getting older, so the factory ballast at 22.5 mph and 70 ft is perfect for me for wakeboarding. I'm really digging the wake. Both my 9 year old and 11 year old girls have gotten pretty good at surfing and are now wanting to wakeboard more. I do like how scaleable the wake and wave are on this boat as well.

After 11 seasons, I finally upgraded my batteries from the XSPower D3100's I got back in 2008. They finally died. I cannot believe the abuse those took. I went with a pair of the D2400's, which fit in the factory black boxes. I can play the radio all day long on one battery and it stays hot. XSPower is a local Tennessee company and are AWESOME to deal with.

Still using Boat Bling for my cleaning needs and I got my plug n play bags from Barefoot International. The custom bags for the 25 fit perfect.

chattwake 09-04-2020 12:13 AM

I took those interior shots right after a storm passed if you're wondering why the boat is soaked :)

corerider 09-04-2020 3:05 AM

Dang blast from the past... Boat looks good Chatt! I didn't realize BU offered cool touch vinyl now. I plan to upgrade to that if/when my interior needs replacing.

markj 09-04-2020 3:46 AM

Wow! That color scheme is quite a departure from your last boats.

bcrider 09-04-2020 5:43 AM

Chattwake!! The one and only returns. Nice ride!

I feel like we need to add your boat to the Lon poster just solidify your place in WW history :p

joshugan 09-04-2020 4:29 PM

Awesome boat! The colors are quite unique but I dig them!

Gatsby 09-05-2020 5:00 AM

Love the Lon reference...

chattwake 09-08-2020 2:47 PM

Ha thx guys! Yeah I’ve always wanted a full silver or gunmetal flake boat and just couldn’t design a white/grey interior that I liked. Hence, I went with the vapor blue. Man the pictures just don’t do it justice. And, and I’m being honest here, I love the boat as a whole. It’s light years more comfortable than my 23’s. That extra 2 feet is put to great use.

And, yes, we need to get the old Lon poster out! Man, the glory days of WW were the best!

denverd1 09-10-2020 2:03 AM

boat looks great

trap door in the platform, whats that all about?

chattwake 09-10-2020 2:11 AM

Oh that flips down so you can sit on it. It's nice for getting little kids in and out of the boat and when the wife has had too many white claws.

juniorhawk 09-11-2020 2:07 AM

I hope more boats can come back to this sort of elegance. I'm sure it's going to happen I just don't know when.
I really like this and wish the $150,000 "boomerang starship armored tank santa sleigh" stuff would just calm down and that manufacturers return their flagships to this level. The boat is gorgeous. It looks great.

DatTexasBoy 01-04-2021 11:57 AM

Nice ride. Good to see ya back in it!!!!

migs 01-08-2021 8:56 AM

Oh man how I missed the Chattwake boat upgrades!!!
As always. - beautiful boat Chatt!

chattwake 11-04-2021 4:30 AM


Boat's for sale if anyone's looking!

dyost 11-04-2021 12:10 PM

Man I love this color combo.... canít afford this and wouldnít want a 25ft boat anyway but if I ever build another Axis Iím gonna try and replicate this color scheme. Iím sure they wonít spray flake on the inside but I would beg and plead (and pay) to get both accents done in the gunmetal flake.

Very sharp boat... good luck with the sale

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