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jordanh 02-11-2013 7:23 PM

Jacket recommendations
Hey everyone! I am trying to find a good cga life jacket for my fiancÚ. She is 5' 4", 120lbs and has a 36D chest which is making it hard to find a jacket. She's been having a hard time finding a nice fitted jacket that doesn't ride up and rub on her chin when floating in the water. I recently purchased a hyperlite hatch jacket and that thing is a glove! We are hoping to find a similar fit for her. We do not have many shops around northern Minnesota that carry a huge selection and ordering might be a pain so I'd like personal experience before ordering.

dezul 02-12-2013 11:44 AM

[QUOTE=jordanh;1806174]She is 5' 4", 120lbs and has a 36D chest [QUOTE]


jordanh 02-12-2013 3:17 PM

You guys can get pics after I get my advice;)

jfergus7 02-18-2013 8:18 AM

I am in the same situation with my fiance. Actually thinking I might take a roadtrip this spring to Barts and let her try some on. I have never been to it and it is only 3 hours away.

sexyws6mama 02-18-2013 8:44 AM

I'm a little busty too and the best fit for a Coast Guard Approved vest IMO is O'NEILL Womens Flare CGA Vest. Finding a CGA and not a COMP vest is going to be hard. I had to get mine off ebay or another site. It has hidden belts and doesn't ride up like others.

Last year though, I bought the Ronix Burt men's vest and love the fit. I got a size Medium and I'm a 34C almost D.

Hope that helps. Good Luck

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