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supragirl 06-06-2011 6:12 AM

Super Excited Newbie!
Ok, I know there is probably lots of experience in this group but I am totally new to wakeboarding and I don't think I have ever been as excited about a sport as this weekend when I got up on the wakeboard for the first time!! It was freakin awesome! Now I need to get to the next step of maintaining the balance and moving on the water. I'm reading and watching lots of videos but if anyone has tips I'd love to hear!

mattgettel 06-06-2011 6:19 AM

Glad to hear you enjoy the sport! If I have any advice for you it is to keep your head up and keep trying! Give it hell!

Bumpass1 06-06-2011 6:28 AM

I think girls that ride are hot.

Sarah 06-06-2011 11:32 AM

Awesome! My advice would be to get on the water as often as you can! The more you ride, the more comfortable you will be on the water.

lizrd 06-07-2011 5:11 AM

HI Tammy,

Welcome to the club! Wakeboarding is fantastic and once you have the bug it won't go away! Make sure you take your time with progression and make sure you have an excellent driver who is willing to let you progress at your own rate. Most new guys who have been on our boat want to go full speed and full ballast from the get go and frankly that sets their progression back sometimes. Women on the other hand typically want to solidfy the fundamentals first....which in the long run makes your progression faster!

I still get a rush every time I ride. Keep us posted on your riding - there's a good group of women here and the few of us who really ride have to stick together!

wakekat15 06-07-2011 5:44 AM

@ Jamie....LOL, I bet you do!

Congrats, Tam! It's an awesome sport & as Liz said, we are glad to have you representing!! After you get comfortable on the balance, I recommend demoing a few boards & investing in your own set up (sorry, Jamie! :). Nothing hinders progression like a board that doesn't fit you (a) in size or (b) in style. Whether you end up with a bag full of tricks or just enjoy carving the wake, it's all good. The most important part of wakeboarding is to make sure that you are having fun!

supragirl 06-07-2011 8:58 AM

Thanks, everyone for the tips and enthusiasm. I have a 2006 Hyperlite Drive 134 (we got a good deal on this one when we bought our boat) and once I give it a few more rides I would love to demo some others to see if I can start feeling the difference in the boards and how I want it set up. Yes, if I can just enjoy carving the wake for a bit I will totally happy. Jamie is actually a really good driver so I'm lucky in that respect that we work well together. Now if I can also be a good driver to help him out that woudl be great too. I'm working on that. Maybe one day I can pull a few tricks too but it's just a rush to get up there right now!

sexyws6mama 06-09-2011 7:00 AM

Wakeboarding is exciting and if I had to give you any advice......................it would be


Have fun! It's my 3rd year wakeboarding and I'm still learning but boy it's alot easier if I would have known the above first!

cwb4me 06-09-2011 3:13 PM

Tammy your welcome to use Shirleys board next time we see you at the lake.I could watch you ride and point out some helpful tips.OR Shirley could too.LOL

Bumpass1 06-09-2011 4:48 PM

Sounds like a plan. I can use all the help I can get. We will be there on Saturday, maybe we will run in to you. :).

supragirl 06-09-2011 4:56 PM


Originally Posted by Bumpass1 (Post 1685185)
Sounds like a plan. I can use all the help I can get. We will be there on Saturday, maybe we will run in to you. :).

Sorry, posted on Jamie's login:cool:

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