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aliwake 03-16-2011 6:24 PM

2011 Goals
Hey ladies, well it's been pretty quiet around here, so I thought I'd get you all talking again now that it must be getting warmer over there?
So, what are your goals for the coming new season?
Kat - are you back on the water yet?!!
My goal is to hopefully get some riding in soon! It's been one of the slowest wakeboarding summers of my life, due to major flooding in my area (Brisbane, Australia). it rained for about 3 months straight through spring and some of summer here, and then since the flooding, our local river has been a no go zone due to high toxicity levels (ie industrial areas and sewerage plants all going underwater, and leaching into the river). On top of that many of the local boat ramps were damaged too. Things could definitely be worse, but it sux driving over our glassy river every day and knowing we can't go riding there.
Just need to make more of an effort to get to cable in the meantime I guess!
So, cheer me up with some of your riding goals for the new season!

sexyws6mama 03-18-2011 9:05 AM

I got more realistic goals this year. I don't want to just throw tricks I want to control and own that trick so here is my new list

Switch TS w2w
Switch HS w2w
HS 3
TS 3
Front Roll

Not sure if I want to try back rolls again, but in the back of my mind I want too.

Oh yeah....one more goal....... NO INJURIES!

wakekat15 03-20-2011 12:48 PM

I definitely have a goal in common with Audrey for NO INJURIES!!! Other than that, just to get comfortable riding again. Get TS dialed back in, Switch HS W2W & TS BR2R.

Hang in there, Alice!! If you come visit the states, I bet we could get you some pulls in Central Texas! (We are moving there in a couple of weeks!)

aliwake 03-20-2011 3:29 PM

So you are back on the water Kat - that's great news!
I'm with you re getting TS dialled... again. it's never ending! Also the no injury thing! why I didn't do my knee this summer when there's been no riding anyway, I don't know :)
My summer goals were to grab everything more, and maybe get enough confidence to start trying inverts again - it's been a long time since I tried behind boat! They'll have to be my winter goals now I guess.

I can't believe you won't be living in Florida anymore Kat! I hope you still get plenty of riding in in texas - does it get cold where you're going?
You know you're first on my list when we eventually get over to the states :)
Would love to take a holiday sometime soon, but our house was flooded too, and I can't see us going anywhere til the rebuild is done. Things are definitely moving a lot slower than I hoped too - the floods were over 2 months ago now and we still haven't even been allocated a builder by our insurance company yet. Frustrating!

sexyws6mama 03-24-2011 4:12 AM

I'm glad Kat is in Central Texas now. I wanna ride with ya Kat! I'll be hitting the water today. It's my 3rd time back from a long 4 month break from wakeboarding. My knee is still wierd but I'm still pushing forward.

amy 03-30-2011 4:56 PM

What's up fellow shredders? I'm looking forward to some of the new cable parks popping up in Texas, so hopefully by the end of the summer my goals are spins on the rails and loading the line on the cable. Boatwise, I just wanna get that style dialed in, a nice pop off the wake with long poked grabs. I'm pretty scared of inverts but hopefully I'll get over it. Good luck with y'alls tricks, it's nice to see other girls who care about boarding too!

cwb4me 04-10-2011 5:34 AM

I'll be headed to Texas at the end of April.I'll be checking out Cowtown and Wakesport Ranch.Also going to ABILENE to tour the TIGE factory again.GOOD LUCK with all your new tricks and wish you all the best.

04-29-2011 10:21 AM

Sometimes goals can ruin the fun. It's great to have ideas of what you want to do on the water, as long as you don't put too much pressure on yourself. My goal is to be happy with myself no matter how I ride. Although, this is not as easy as it seems.

sexyws6mama 10-23-2011 5:51 AM

I decided to check back this thread and see how far I came from accomplishing my original set 2011 goals...... 50/50 LOL

Switch TS w2w (DID IT)
Switch HS w2w (DID IT)
HS 3 (DID IT twice; ridden away and smooth, but then lost it after several more attempts) But this one is in the works again LOL
TS 3 (nope)
Front Roll (nope)
Tantrum (nope)

But I also landed twice TS BS 180 but then lost it as well after several more attempts.

How did everyone else's goals go??

baitkiller 10-26-2011 6:30 AM

Good job Audrey. 50% is better than i did.

asdfgboy 12-17-2011 10:06 AM

Good job! Hoping all goals will come true:)

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