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dDubya 01-12-2020 3:10 PM

ATX 24 Type S Surf Wave VIDEO
My local dealer, West Coast Boat Center, brought their 24 Type S to our W.E.S.T New Year's Ride. The boat and build quality seemed very good for the "entry level" price. The wave was actually VERY good, especially being that we were running it with only stock ballast and no additional weight.

Koolaid 01-16-2020 6:32 AM

It's a very underrated boat to say the least.

stevo8290 01-16-2020 4:13 PM

Been wanting to ride the wakeboard wake. Seen good videos of it

scottb7 01-25-2020 12:22 PM

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i am all for a less expensive boat, but it seems like a lot of bow rise...and if you watch the video about that point the guy moves to the front...presumably to bring the nose down. can't be to see the rider, cause it didn't look like all that many people in the boat, and you not gonna see the rider better in the bow than in the stern... and now the driver got to deal with not only the bow rise but look around the big guy in the bow...

sandm01 01-27-2020 4:03 AM

quite a piece of marketing BUT can't seem to spell the lake's name correctly. lazy country we live in today.
that and half of the surf shots were of a 10 year old along with a few tilts of the camera to get a larger wave shot.

that said there was an atx that I got to crawl over at the mead reunion last fall. very nice boat for an entry. I didn't get a chance to ride it but those that did said wave was fantastic for a completely stock boat.

that bow rise would be concerning for me tho. tige's don't typically like a ton of nose weight and must say that neither of the 2 tige boats I have owned had that kind of bow rise while surfing.

when that next new boat comes up for me ATX will be on the list to check out.

monkey_butt 02-03-2020 1:01 PM

Looked over them at the boat show ... reminded me a lot of the Epics I owned ... 90 degree corners to make seat cushion installation easy and simple ... looks cheap and feels cheap ... but may produce a nice wake ... for that price Iíd look at a different brand like Moomba

denverd1 02-11-2020 3:56 AM

TAPS and Convex V.. so it's Tige's entry level boat?

GoBeavs85 03-06-2020 2:38 AM

When this was first announced I was excited. I also thought it might be a true budget boat. At $100,000 for the 24í Iíll be that guy that says I canít believe this is touted as a budget boat. That being said how does the wave compare to the Supreme ZS offering? 2019ís of those can be had for $85k and the one I rode had a killer wave. I liked it as much or more than the Mastercraft, Nautique, Malibu, and Axis waves Iíve spent time riding. Anybody with experience on the ATX and the ZS? There isnít a dealer near me with the ATX.

Shakarocks 03-11-2020 5:15 AM

The ZS boat is 100% legit. It's surf wave is very good.

I checked out the ATX this year and hope to do a demo at some point. It's very spartan when it comes to appointments or cool-looking vinyl. They seemed a bit expensive to me for what you're getting.The ATX 24 starts at 80k but when you option it out.......

gmwild50 03-30-2020 2:44 AM

Nice video, it's crazy to think budget and 100k are used in the same sentence. I wish we had more video's of weekend warriors riding and enjoying the Wake/Surf/Water sport lifestyle.

theloungelife 03-30-2020 8:04 AM

I'm also interested in the wakeboard wake for these. My local dealer contacted me last fall to go out for a demo when they got their first boats in. It was in Nov though and too cold. Currently have a 2013 A22 which I love. Would love to see how it compares to the 2020 A22 I demeod late last summer.

mikew00ds 06-17-2020 2:48 AM

Sorry for bringing this thread back from the grave- My Local dealer sells both MB and Tige/ATX. I priced the 22' and 24' type S ATX along with a 23' B52 and ended up going with the B52.

A few points I noticed

Pros for ATX: Automated ballast with touch screen and rear facing seats, rear camera standard, dual fuel fillers
Cons: cheap interior/ few color options, Surf wave far inferior to the MB, less freeboard, Wetsounds (that is a personal preference)

Pros for MB: Surf Wave, totally customizable Gel and Interior, Exile Audio (again personal preference), Raptor 400 engine std
Cons: slightly more expensive,

The 22' ATX was a few thousand dollars less when comparably equipped but no where near the quality of the B52. the 24' was about $10k more.

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