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08-25-2019 3:59 PM

Playing for the first time not a chance
It won't work if they won't make it totally free for everyone. They already lost countless subs and keep losing more and more every day, and vast majority of those who pays and plays won't have enough time for two separate Vanilla WoW Gold games. The only way to find blood would be to ensure it is free so newcomers then get curious and would get a taste of what's going on here and possibly buy sub to see current content. In terms of oldfags like me - I won't cover this (I dropped WoW Classic later Cata), I would rather keep coming to my personal server account once a week or two once I want that you nostalgia tear out of my eye.

It's was not only vanilla it had been the age mostly that we miss the most. WoW Classic was something brand new and departing back then because it was the very first of its kind. I started tbc I think that it had been may-june of 2007 and it was magic and my nostalgia is tbc and not vanilla but mostly it's was the era where WoW Classic was at it's summit and dominated. playing for the first time not a chance, if TBC was to return am gon na return will enjoy it. Back then WoW Classic was something I've never seen before and I was playing PS2 games like tekken, fifa, raceing etc.. So I would play with vanilla or tbc but would get bored since im not pupil but 32y currently with responsibilities and no time to spare. All great things must come.

The closer that this is currently getting, the worrier I get...Don't make me wrong, sure just like it was God they could allow it to be perfect Damn...And by perfect I know how ****ed up this was its appeal, although imbalanced it was. Everybody was poor, the"BEST OF THE BEST" back then, would not be accepted in a casual raid today...Hell preacher has some videos of him playing that troll priest and even he clicked...Which was stupid, and it escapes me how anyone thought clicking was the way...Even as a small stupid kid I did not even think of this..

More than just a decade and a half of expertise...What took weeks to reach (lvl 60) I guarantee that you will happen in no longer than a couple of days for many. Likely not more than two or three for me. (Depending on many things). Onyxia is going to be downed in less than a week from WoW Classic's launch, or wait...no there's her dreadful quest chain that is attuning.. Raggy be downed in a few hours tops Buy WoW Classic Gold. And Naxx? It won't be the 1% that experience it rather it will be the 1% that do not experience it.Even though, personally I'll play through, since I love WoW Classic (not as of recent), but I am just afraid that some may have their hopes too high.

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