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roosm 08-05-2019 1:26 AM

Perfect Pass and Arduino GPS speedo

I just wanted to share some info on a project that I have been working on for the last month.

I have a Supra Launch 22 SSV from 2001 that did not include a Perfect Pass.
Last year I was in the US ( I am from Sweden ) and managed to pick up a used Perfect Pass system off some mechanic (I believe) that took it off a customers boat doing some kind of upgrade I guess.

Anyhow the system should have been complete but there were one thing missing, the RPM-wire.
And since I was planning on using the system in RPM mode this was a bit of a bummer. The guy then posted the missing piece all the way to Sweden and it got lost by the post service (or something, it didn't arrive).

Instead of purchasing a new RPM wire I thought I could use the transom mounted paddle wheels, which at least proved the Perfect Pass system worked, but the paddle wheels didn't. I got speed readings all over the place.

I then thought that instead of purchasing an RPM wire I could mimic the Paddle wheel signal from GPS using an Arduino. And it worked great.
I picked up an Arduino Uno, a ublox GPS board, two boxes and a couple of wires, resistors and transistors to finish out the project. All in all I spend around 50 USD.

I just finished hooking this up to the Perfect Pass and now it does work great.
The Perfect Pass gets a speed signal, a PWM-signal with the same frequency as it was used to from the Airmar paddle wheel, and it is updated 5 times per second. The speed signal seems accurate enough and the pulls have been more consistent than ever. There were a few bumps on the road but now it seems to work great.

Very happy with the project and the result.

If anyone is interested in a cheap-ish GPS-upgrade for a Perfect Pass system I would be happy to share the code and design... Without any promises of success... :)


jonblarc7 08-05-2019 5:31 AM

That's awesome, when I first started reading the thread I thought I could help up because I'm pretty sure I have that rpm wire sitting in a box in the garage. My display went out on my 06 supra last year so I had to upgrade to their GPS system.

roosm 08-05-2019 10:04 PM

Hey, if you do have a RPM cable sitting in a box I might just pick that up from you.
Not sure if the perfect pass internal system works better with an RPM-signal as well. It does have some settings like 20 mph = 2800 RPM or something. So I guess that is used for the perfect pass being able to estimate how much throttle to give to reach the speed or something.

I will be visiting the US (Orlando more specific) in November and if you are willing to ship it there and the price is right I might just get it off your hands. Send me a PM if you find it.

jonblarc7 08-06-2019 1:04 AM

I'll look for it tomorrow. If I do have it you can just have it if you pay shipping.

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