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psudy 07-12-2019 4:21 AM

best spray for waterspots
What the title says. I need a simple spray and wipe to get waterspots off when we put the boat way. I spent some $ on one brand that didn't work worth a crap. looking for suggestions.

nar722 07-12-2019 11:33 AM

This stuff works well

ryan_shima1 07-14-2019 6:14 AM

I use Scooter's Products "After Lake" when just wanting to remove water spots quickly, or their "Boat Armour" to not only remove water spots but it also adds carnauba wax to the gelcoat. Shines up really nice when you polish away after the initial wipe down.


infinitysurf 07-15-2019 2:07 AM

Boat Candy works very well for me. Removes water spots, does not remove base layer of wax and adds protective coat of wax.

hunter991 07-15-2019 2:37 AM

hot sauce

wombat2wombat 07-15-2019 3:24 AM

All of the boat sprays contain acidic acids of some sort. Add water & they are all now basically vinegar. Add citric acids & they now smell good but are still vinegar none the less. The only difference between using vinegar & water alone is the manufacturers of these products put something in to reduce the stripping of wax. I use vinegar & water & a cheap detail wax to finish. I wax my boat beginning, mid & end of season so I'm not worried about it & I save a grip so I can buy other crap

whiteflashwatersports1 07-15-2019 3:34 AM

Boat bling hot sauce

Bagar55 07-15-2019 3:39 AM

Hula Surf Away

tre 07-17-2019 4:19 AM

Absolutely Boat Bling Hot Sauce. I have a dark colored boat which we use 3-4 days per week during the summer. I don't wipe the exterior down every time we're out so I use Hot Sauce once per month. It is nothing like vinegar. I've tried vinegar and it does not work at all to get my hard water spots off. I've tried a bunch of other brands and they did not work nearly as well. Hot Sauce is the best I've tried, by far. Simply spray and wipe. If you have really stubborn water spots, spray, let is sit for 15 - 20 seconds, and then wipe away. I buy the stuff by the gallon. After 10 years, my hull still looks new.

CALIV210 07-18-2019 7:07 AM

I use 303 Speed detailer as soon as I get it off the water works great . If it has been in the water for a few days I use the Hot Sauce to get the water spots off . The key is to let the sauce sit for minute before wiping .

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