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VinnyQH 12-16-2013 7:02 PM

Best captain's chair?
I'm looking to upgrade my seat cause mine is older and doesn't have the pop up cushion. Seeing what everyone likes out there and maybe get a couple of leads on getting a new one.



FastR3DN3K 12-17-2013 7:54 AM

Honestly there's a ton of good choices, but I'm pretty partial to the Tige's mesh back chairs. A lot of guys around here make fun of them because it's not a big plush la-z-boy style chair like a lot of boats have, but if spend time getting in and out of the water and then driving the boat it's nice because of how well the seat drains and stays dry. It's the one feature that I wish my RZ4 had instead of the "upgraded" seats. It still has the flip up bolster and is surprisingly comfortable, and you can probably find a decent deal on one from someone who upgraded theirs.


tyler97217 12-17-2013 8:52 AM

Just make sure you test fit it. All cockpits are different and don't just assume it will fit properly and then swivel without hitting the side, the seat, the steering wheel, etc....
Tige does make a pretty nice captains chair. Especially the optional one that is basically like a lazy-boy.

timmyb 12-17-2013 3:25 PM

I think the Vision Air seat pictured above is the most comfortable chair ever but I am biased. Not sure if Attwood is making them anymore or not.

12-17-2013 3:43 PM

Honestly, the Z-Cline Captains Chair by Tige is the absolute most comfortable captains chair available today. (The Vision Air seat was a game changer though.:D)

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