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StephSpencer27 09-20-2017 6:34 PM

Need advice choosing used wake board boat
Help - I'm looking for your opinions on what used wakeboard boat to buy. This boat will be used at a family camp on a large private lake that DOES NOT allow wake surfing. So many threads consider surfing so heavily that I thought my question hadn't really been answered - at least in the many threads I've read.

The boat needs to be wake board capable (again, no surfing allowed on the lake), although most riders at the camp are not throwing flips. Water sports are not the main activity at the camp so only one or two groups typically go out each day. While the boat must be good for wake boarding, it will spend more time transporting camp guests for "lake cruises", etc. so I am hoping to seat at least 14 or 15 people for that purpose (not for wake boarding when there are 4 or 5 passengers total in addition to the rider). The budget is uncertain at this point so I welcome thoughts from the top end down to probably the mid range boats. There is some value to have a "top" brand name associated with the camp but that isn't the only factor in choosing the boat. So far I am finding boats 2012 or newer, including: Axis 22, 24, T-28; Malibu 22 MXZ, 23 LSV, 25 LSV; Mastercraft X-23, x25, x-30, x-45, x-46; Nautique G23 and G3; and Tige RZ2, RZ4, RZX, Z3 and ASR. This list is overwhelming me and is really just a compilation of what I am finding for sale online....and that's why I need your help to narrow the options. I am not a wake boarded but have agreed to help with this search. I'm sure I am missing brands I should consider. Thanks for your thoughts.

bass10after 09-20-2017 8:49 PM

Sounds like you need to find something that fits your seating needs first and any boat will probably meet the wakeboard needs thereafter.. I'd be looking at a used malibu 247 if it was me and as close to 25ft as i could get if i had a consistent 14-15 people in the boat. Axis a24 or t23 is an option but i've not been impressed with the ride of these boats in chop. Idk how big of a private lake this is, but probably not a primary concern to have. Anything 23ft would be cramped with 14/15 people in my opinion, unless its the axis T23 which is actually 23.5 feet- but again not impressed with the ride.. Supra has som new options that are nice and big, centurions ri25 or the nautique g25 would also seat plenty as would the malibu 25lsv but you will be into any of those boats well over 100k. Time to figure out the budget as it tends to be the driving factor of where to begin the search.

DCross 09-21-2017 7:34 AM

Price range?

StephSpencer27 09-21-2017 7:50 AM


Originally Posted by bass10after (Post 1967661)
i've not been impressed with the ride of these boats in chop.

Actually chop/ride impact is important on this busy, compact 20 square mile lake that has a lot of concrete bulkheads - I hadn't even thought about that....thanks for input on that!

StephSpencer27 09-21-2017 8:01 AM


Originally Posted by DCross (Post 1967665)
Price range?

We are working on it, trying to educate ourselves about what $$ to expect for what type of used boat. For instance, I am finding used boats (2012 or newer, less than 200 engine hours - arbitrary cut offs) in these price ranges: Malibu 247 $63-$95k, Axis T23 $63-74k, Nautique G25 and Malibu 25 LSV all over $100k. My gut tells me the $100k+ range is too much given the use of the boat but the others would be within a range we would consider.

three6ty 09-21-2017 8:35 AM

Dave Williams who owns and runs this website is selling his barely used 23LSV For $80K. It is absolutely flawless and is beautiful!!!!

he had a feature on it here earlier but here is the craigslist ad for it.


three6ty 09-21-2017 8:40 AM

Here is another option in your neck of the woods


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