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DAllen96 11-01-2014 3:27 PM

Anybody know what board this is?
I just got into wakeboarding last year so I dont know much about boards, and was offered this board as part of a trade for an old beater car im trying to get rid of. It is obviously a Ronix, but he is claiming it is worth over $1000 with no bindings even though he has rode it for a season already. I've been searching over an hour now and still cant find this board, so any help as to value or model is appreciated. Thanks!

brainrinse 11-01-2014 4:03 PM

It's a 2009 Ronix Arcade by Bill and it's worth $100.


DAllen96 11-01-2014 4:11 PM

Thank you!!! Saved me from making a bad mistake

T_A 11-01-2014 9:28 PM

Lol $1000...wtf

wakebrdjay 11-02-2014 8:33 AM

Did that include lube?

scottb7 11-02-2014 9:35 AM

I think is worth $2,000....

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