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Mike88 09-08-2019 8:03 AM

2017 Nautique 210 ballast setup
Hi everybody,
Currently have a 2017 Nautique 210 And been trying few ballast upgrade/modification.
Just wanted to share with you !
And know whatís your best setting.
For info we are both riding goofy.
Completely love the boat and probably not planning to change since I really love the shape, the interior, the look and the wave is decent too. Pretty much the best boat for our lake since itís restricted to 22' or 5 000 dry weight max.
Really love the handling too.

After 3 summer with it my best setup come to :
- Switch pro ballast fatsac (300lbs) with 750ís
I load them approx 600lbs for keeping the storage trays.
- port side underseat 370 fatsac.
- Sumo 500 bow bag that fills approx 300lbs. Iíve tried the fatsac bowbag 750 but itís too big, not necessary because it fills half way before popping the seats.
The Sumo 500 fit perfectly under.

All these sacs are piggybacked with OEM so fills and drain with all others really easy to do.

Have few lead weight (4x50) that I displace at strategic place depend on people and riding (skim or surf)

Thing is, this summer we have been almost all season alone my gf and me.
Itís kind of new for us since we was pretty much always with 2-3people more in the boat.
The wave is very different when we are alone.

Im thinking to buy a pair of fat brick (155lbs fatsac) to replace 2 poeple. In that case I can fill them when weíre alone.
I will try to fill the rear 750ís all the way too but honestly I really love the trays for ropes and vests since pretty much all under seat space is taken by fatsac or the Nautique cooler.
Anybody ever tried to put a big bag in the center?
Is it too much weight?
People who fills 750ís full, where you put your ropes and vets?

what kind of setup are you running with?
And what do you guys think?

Mike88 09-09-2019 3:23 AM

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Wave with my setup

bcrider 09-09-2019 4:11 AM

I used to carry a spare 400lbs fatsac that I would fill when it was just the wife, kids, and myself. Once I bought more lead (now 500lbs) I don't ever have to use the spare bag anymore and was of course a lot quicker and easier to deal with. I used to always have to rely on people weight to get the wave I wanted. Now between everything I have I could have just one person in the boat and the wave is still great.

=MORE LEAD!!! .lol.

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