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Scotty 02-21-2020 6:46 AM

Lenco Tabs Used for Surf System?
Anyone out there ever try trim tabs in lieu of the pricey GSA or the Infinity Wave? Based on all the different shapes and sizes of mfr's surf systems, it can't be that any one shape or size works and the rest don't. Are they really that much better than just using a square trim tab from Lenco for $431? Or is it the amount of deflection that makes or breaks a particular plate actuator type system?

Lenco 15007-101 Trim Tab Kit, 12" X 12" 12V, Std Mount

If you buy an oversized plate, it can be cut with the swoops and curves similar to Moomba's flat plates. But I'm wondering if anyone has done it? If so, please share how it worked or didn't work.

chpthril 02-21-2020 11:14 AM

Will trim tabs work? Sure. Is GSA and Infinity just plates and actuators? no. Look back at Mastercraft's gen-1 and gen-2. They seemed to put a greater focus on plate size/shape with gen-2. Some Tige owners have swapped the TAPS-3 plates for GSA plates and taken an already great wave to another level. This shows plate size and shape to matter.

Shakarocks 02-24-2020 7:02 AM

Square tabs will create deflection and a wave will form but it will lack push. Both GSA and InfinityWave (as well as the OEM manufacturers that are tab based) have recipes to deal with this. Simply mimicking the shape will not get you there. I know both GSA and InfinityWave went through a bunch of prototypes to dial in the performance that they currently enjoy.

The Mooma system isn't really a true tab system. It's more of a surf gate that sticks out the bottom of the boat rather than popping out to the side. Nautique's NSS operates on the same principles. These systems work but lack the wave shaping ability of tab-based systems and use more fuel.

Currently, InfinityWave is about $1500 cheaper than GSA. You might want to call them and see if Rob will throw you a discount.

Rugger 03-15-2020 7:33 AM

Its not rocket science, but it does take patience and adjustments on either DIY or GSA tabs. You can dial in the depths / distances with similar shaped tabs and have great results. Yes you will also have to move around ballast to dial it in for your particular hull.

There's several examples of homemade tabs -- as well as low cost controllers -- on wake garage. I still think its easier to make gates (and use less ballast) but tabs really aren't too complicated either and can potentially create more push with lots of ballast. It's the adjustments that make all the difference. I've got friends with GSA, DIY tabs. surf gate, DIY surf gate, etc... it ain't what makes the boat.

Agree with everyone above though -- don't buy square Lenco tabs and expect the same result.

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