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turbojedi 06-21-2021 6:27 PM

G25 help
My buddy got a G 25 and we have added an extra 1500 pounds on top of stock ( 4300 total) also 3 adults range from 123-220. We use the pro settings for wakeboarding and the wake has no lip , I cant get any lip to form up, I have tried 60 feet back, 65,70. 21.5 to 23 mph Do we need more weight ? what are you guys running for wakeboarding and also wake surfing. Wake surf wake is also soft and mushy NSS on 5 , also tired different speeds and settings. Not impressed so for with wave or wake. Thought it would be a better and popper wake than my 08 supra, so far I would rather ride, and surf the supra. Any tips would help. Thank you

GatorBait 06-22-2021 1:13 AM

How do you have the weight distributed? I would put 500lbs in the starboard rear locker, 600lbs in the port rear locker, and 200lbs on each side under the bench seats. The G25 is so long that you don't need any extra weight up front.

When you fill up your ballast make sure that you restart the pumps again after they shut off just to check that they are overflowing and they are completely full.

Make sure the gas tank is full. 83 gallons in the belly helps a lot!

For wakeboard you want NCRS on 5 and Intensity or Plane Assist set to HIGH.

For wakesurf NCRS on 5 and NSS on 0. And 11.5-12mph.

turbojedi 06-22-2021 5:18 AM

ok cool I will suggest this to my buddy next outing. We do have 600+ of lead in the nose. Sounds like we need to try moving it back some. The other 1000 in lead is split between the rear lockers .

Xbigpun66 06-22-2021 5:41 PM

I am told that you want to put the lead just under the tower bases

turbojedi 06-25-2021 3:23 PM

from my years of years of waiting boats I can see that is what we need to do, the wave is soft and have weak push, and the wake has no peak at all. Thank you

pc_sledge 10-18-2021 3:05 AM

That seems crazy. The lip on my G25 is super trippy. My main complaint is that my wake is too big and a lot of riders are afraid to charge it. I have a 2018 and run stock ballast with maybe 400 lbs of lead in the back of the boat. Usually we ride with just 2 or 3 people in the boat. I have never seen a stock wake bigger so it seems strange that you cant get anything out of it. Are you running standard preset speed?

pc_sledge 11-05-2021 3:20 AM

Are you riding on a river or a lake?

turbojedi 01-28-2022 6:44 AM

A river, I believe we have it sorted out now..

turbojedi 01-28-2022 6:46 AM

I think we have it figured out now, we had to much bow weight. The wake was big but had no lip, moved some weight and bam all is good . thanks for chiming in here

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