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markj 09-27-2020 4:31 AM

Who’s watching the NFL or other pro sports?
What a bummer it was to hear this year that the players are not only kneeling, but wearing BLM and criminal’s names on their helmets. Thanks to that, I’m out. It woulda been nice to have a refuge from politics in sports, but...

denverd1 11-11-2020 8:35 AM

I've got a fantasy team, so I watch a couple games a week. just about done with that as well. I also tune in to see who's stomping the $#it out of the Cowboys, but didn't watch a minute of it last week.

Was watching hockey quite a bit. Was refreshing to hear a couple coaches in the locker room tell players, "this isn't the NFL. if you're about that BLM BS then take off your jersey and GTFO."

Now we've gone full retard on it.

buffalow 11-12-2020 2:52 AM

I have not watched ny NFL, NBA, or NHL. Since I am a long time Dodger fan I watched most of the games this year, all of the playoffs and the world series of course. Once they got through the first few weeks of the BLM stuff, then it was almost like watching normal baseball except no fans till the playoffs.

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