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fly135 09-22-2020 12:54 PM

Cheapest reupholstery job ever!
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$12 worth of spray adhesive and $18 worth of discounted vinyl from a store closing out of business sale and my engine cover looks a ton better. My Ski Nautique is a 1992 and has seen better days. I just rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel pump, put new bearings in the propeller struct, and buffed the oxidized gel coat. Looks like I'll be getting more use out of it. Can't complain about the boat. It's been solid and hasn't cost me hardly anything in repairs over the last 28 years. My only complaint is that the wakeboard wake is not great.

My girlfriend was a huge help with the engine cover. She did all the detailed work of getting the vinyl laid and tucked under the piping. I mostly cut and sprayed glue. It's not perfect, but I'm thrilled with the outcome.

tre 09-22-2020 4:58 PM

Nice upgrade. Looks great

markj 09-23-2020 12:23 AM

Looks much better.

denverd1 09-23-2020 3:01 AM

nice work

srock 10-12-2020 3:31 AM

Nice work. I wonder how it will stick after some time in the sun. Report back to us.

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