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cpb1231 07-07-2013 11:31 PM

Ronix Faith Hope Love and LF Jett Grind?
Hey all, so I'm trying to find a new board because my CWB pure is way too heavy for me. I go to a cable park around once a week, but the board would be primarily for riding behind a boat.

I was looking at the Ronix Faith Hope Love and like the reviews saying how lightweight it was, but I was also considering the Jett Grind because it is a womens board that can go on rails.

I think I like 3 stage hybrids the best, but i'd be open to other suggestions. I want something mainly for riding behind a boat but that I could take to the cable park.

Thanks! :)

sexyws6mama 07-09-2013 1:41 PM

I'm a boat rider (only done cable once) but several years ago I wanted a lighter board as well. I bought Ronix Faith Hope Love and loved that setup. Nice and light. Currently I'm riding Ronix Quarter Til Midnight which is light as well and made for cable, so you might want to consider that one as well. Good Luck!

polhamus 07-10-2013 9:10 AM

Liquid force is the lightest weight boards on the market. I have the Jett. It weighs 10lbs with boots on it. The Melissa is even lighter weight. I just bought that board for cable.

dezul 07-10-2013 11:25 AM


My GF rides the 2011 LF Jett (not-grind) 136cm. She has also ridden the 2011 Ronix FHL 136cm. She started wakeboarding last summer and this summer she has been getting close to W2W behind the boat. It depends on how long you have been riding as to which one is recommended. It doesn't look like the 2011's have changed any from the 2013 besides the colors. All bottom features appear to be same when comparing the 2011 to the 2013s.

From her opinion when I asked how they compared, the FHL board has a thinnier profile, sharper rails, and slightly wider than the LF Jett. She said Jett was easier to ride because it wasn't as loose on the surface of the water and it floated higher on the water. Every chick that rode the FHL said it was pretty loose. The rocker is about the same on both boards.

My gf's opinion is the LF Jett is easier with or without the fins. If you prefer a more loose feeling board, then the FHL may be what you prefer.

PS. If you have female friends that want to come out and learn to ride, it is a no brainer. The LF Jett is awesome to teach newbies on with the center fin in. We have taught at least 6 girls to ride this summer on the board.

kneves 09-22-2013 10:01 PM

I bought the 2012 Ronix Faith Love Hope board and bindings in June and I'm in love. I wont ride on anything else. The board is SUPER light and even with the center fins, plenty loose to break away and do butter slides, back slides, lip slides and surface 180s with. I also LOVE the closed toe bindings. They fit a little snug, but I like that because I prefer my feet feeling super solid whenever I ride.

A friend of mine had the LF Jett. She liked her board, but just recently joined Team Ronix with the 2014 Ronix Faith Love Hope. She hasn't touched the Jett since. Just saying...

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