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redsupralaunch 05-05-2011 3:42 PM

2011 Collegiate Nationals Format Change
2011 Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals Format Change Adds Individual Men & Women to Teams Championship

Last yearís addition of individual to the teams contest received rave reviews. We are stoked to add an individual Womenís champion to Collegiate Nationals to join the Menís Title. Weíve overhauled the format to resemble how Team USA competes in the World Wakeboard Championships where each level of riders will compete to earn points to contribute to a teamís score. With this format each division will move the best riders toward their respective finals and a teamís performance canít hold back the individual. Team head to head format will not be used. At the end of the weekend there will be not only 7 different podiums for the team divisions, but also podiums for an overall National Team Champion and Individual National Collegiate Champions in Menís and Womenís divisions. With the best riders moving towards the finals the weekendís action will culminate on Sunday with possibilities for all the competing schools to be represented.

Team Structure hasnít changed. Team are allowed no more than 7 riders in 7 divisions. No rider may ride in two divisions, with the exception of wakeskate. Team Captains will assign each team rider sequentially to the appropriate division starting with ďAĒ as being best rider. No score will be given for an absent rider. Each division will be weighted evenly for the following 7 divisions: Menís A, B, C, D, Womanís A, B, and Wakeskate.

A. Each rider will compete in a heat based system within their division and progress from quarter finals, to semi finals, and to finals. With the use of the heat system, there will be instances where riders have finished in a joint position with a rider in a different heat. Relevant placing points will therefore be given to each team rider based on their placement in the heat and seeding.

B. Each team rider will be awarded the following points depending on his final placement in his/her respective division: 1st place 100 points 2nd place 80 points 3rd place 65 points 4th place 55 points 5th place 45 points 6th place 35 points 7th place 30 points 8th place 25 points 9th place 20 points 10th place 17 points 11th place 14 points 12th place 11 points 13th place 8 points 14th place 6 points 15th place 5 points 16th place 4 points 17th place 3 points 18th place 2 points 19th place 1 point 20th place and all subsequent riders receive 1 point each

C. In the event of a tie, final team placement will be determined by the combination score of Menís & Womanís A. If a tie still exists, then B division team score will be used to decide final placement, if a tie still exists, then wakeskate, then Menís C, and then Menís D.D. If a team rider is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct (with the exception of the rider being disqualified for being late to the dock or not wearing a bib) no team overall points shall be awarded for this rider. No substitutions are allowed.

All individual non-team collegiate riders will be added to Menís A or Womenís A. The top 4 team riders will advance to team finals. The top 4 individual riders will advance to individual finals for both Men and Woman.

FRIDAY ĖQuarterfinals (each division three heats of four. Take top two in each heat)
Quarters Womenís B
Quarters Womenís A
Quarters Menís D
Quarters Menís C
Quarters Wakeskate
Quarters Menís B
Quarters Menís A


8 Semi Womenís B
8 Semi Menís D
8 Semi Menís C
8 Semi Menís B
8 Semi Skate
8 Semi Womenís A

8 Semi Menís A
4 FINAL Skate
4 FINAL Womenís B
4 FINAL Menís D
4 FINAL Menís C
4 FINAL Menís B
4 FINAL Womenís A TEAM
4 FINAL Womenís A
4 FINAL Menís A

lfadam 05-05-2011 4:10 PM

1 week away. Cant wait!

WisconsinWakeboard 05-18-2011 2:41 PM

Congrats to the Tennessee wakeboard team for taking down the team title!

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