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gene3x 10-26-2020 9:06 AM

High end OT Bindings?
What are the best open toe bindings made today? I have just repeatedly gone back t old school Watsons but now cannot find any. BTW, if anybody has any old OT Watson's in a 10-11 I will gladly take them off your hands. Other than that all the newer bindings I have put on are terrible fit for me. They all seem to be to wide in several places or don't come up high enough (usually the cheap intro ones). Any input would be appreciated. :confused:

Andy_Mora 10-27-2020 3:28 AM

I think the Slingshot Options are pretty good. I like the Gummy straps. I'm not aware of any top end bindings that are open toe now. Which is a shame.
Ronix seems to have a bunch of open toe options but I've never tried them.

ottog1979 10-27-2020 1:20 PM

I have always been an open toe guy. I used Ronix Anthem and really like them.

bass10after 10-28-2020 1:54 PM

I don’t get why closed toe is still a thing. If we’re trying to save weight that would be a good start... I like ot myself too. Guess I’m not a fraction as good as steel so maybe it’s the toe holding me back! ��

99Bison 10-29-2020 2:48 AM

To sell more boots!!

And for warmth - in some areas.

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