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Andy_Mora 10-23-2020 1:04 AM

Comparing Hyperlite Murray, Riot (bio) & Blueprint…?
I’ve read the specs and board descriptions but I find wakeboard marketing is all the same “big pop, soft landings…etc.” I’m hoping to get some real world feedback on these boards. I may be able to get deal on a Hyperlite set up and have narrowed it down to these three.

I’m 6’1”, 210lbs, intermediate rider. I currently ride a Liquid force Timba and before that coming from a Slingshot Response. I really like how these boards ride but am hoping to get something a little lighter. I really like a continuous rocker line with minimal rocker height. So something that is really fast with fast glide speed but also loose. I don’t want to work too hard to generate speed and don’t want anything that is too locked in.

I like that the Murray comes in 150 and the Blueprint in 147, so I’d probably choose those sizes. The Riot comes in 144 at the biggest which is slightly smaller than I would like but I currently ride a 144 so even though I’d prefer something a little bigger I’d probably be ok with the 144.

I think the Blueprint may the closest to what I want... The Riot Nova is probably the one I really want but I don't think I'm willing to pay that much. If anyone has ridden these and can compare them I’d really appreciate it! I think the Riot is more expensive, even the Bio version, but is it worth the extra money?
Which one is the fastest? Lightest? Most locked in?

SethP 10-23-2020 6:38 AM

I ride the Murray and have done sets on the Kraz and Riot, but not blue print. Also, I'm about the same height as you but 30 lbs less for background. The murray feels kinda slick at greater speeds to me (prolly my own fault for getting a 150, I wanted to be able to ride slow to learn a lot of stuff without breaking myself lol), so 22.5-23 gets wobbly on my murray. The kraz felt way more locked in, but would scare me on landings cause it goes in the direction it lands whether you're ready for it or not. That said, I really like the murray, coming from a ronix one timebomb harf edition from around 2010. I feel like I can get away with murder on most landings, really like having such a wide base to land on, and it glides really easily, so you can take longer sets even at slow speeds - hell i've even wakesurfed it before! As for weight, its just going to depend on size, but I'll tell you the 150 isn't near as bad as I thought it would be to move around for grabs and what not, and the extra surface area gives you a ton of pop. I'll try to attach a video of me riding it in the beginning, you can see we stay around 18 mph on a 60ft line and get tons of pop without a ton of risk.

Andy_Mora 10-23-2020 12:01 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Love the video! It's nice to see that some people still wakeboard

gene3x 10-26-2020 9:18 AM

NICE! I love seeing people still progressing on a wakeboard too! I am also looking for a new lighter board. I just demoed the Newest Murray 150 and really wanted to like it but it just did not have the consistent predictable edge that my old Hyperlite Tribute has. I would like to hear more about any other experience with newer boards.

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