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jonblarc7 03-29-2015 7:31 PM

2 awg Power Rings
Anybody know a good place to buy six 2 awg ring connectors. I'm swapping out some wires in the battery bank and perko to some better 2 awg cables. I just can't find any locally at the auto parts store.

corerider 03-29-2015 8:36 PM

Carquest and NAPA auto parts stores usually keep a decent selection on the shelves.

shawndoggy 03-29-2015 9:02 PM

Harbor freight

jonblarc7 03-30-2015 6:56 AM

I found them at Napa on line but what size stud size should I get.





This is for connecting the starting and stereo battery to the perko

jonblarc7 03-30-2015 7:21 AM

Ok I found out the Blue sea perko switch is a 3/8 post so I'll go with one I think.

boardjnky4 03-30-2015 7:28 AM

you can go a little large, that's what washers are for.

jonblarc7 03-30-2015 7:48 AM

I figured I could drill them out a little if 3/8" is to small for the battery.

corerider 03-30-2015 9:40 AM

IIRC 3/8" is the common battery stud size.

jonblarc7 03-30-2015 9:41 AM

Good I'm picking them up at lunch and will be on the boat by tomorrow.

jonblarc7 03-30-2015 4:30 PM

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Got it done this afternoon. Now I just got to put them in the boat!!!

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