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JamesBTX 07-28-2020 1:58 AM

Wake/Surf Boat Under 45k
My wife and I are looking to get a boat for boarding & surfing, and we're shooting for 45k and under. I've been doing a bit of research, and I realize that most (if not all) the boats in that price range won't have a dedicated surf system. So we're aware we'll have to list the boat and/or use a addon surfgate.

Our usage will likely be 80/20 wake and surf. Otherwise it will just be the family boat for us and the kids.

This boat will likely be upgraded in the next 3-5 years, so resale is also something I'm factoring in. We're also not completely apposed to spending a bit more and financing a little, but I'm not sure we'd really want to do more than 60k total. If there are good arguments for it, we're willing to consider it.

Any boats I should be considering in particular? I've seen recommendations for Malibu LSV's and Supra SSV's. But I don't have any personal experience with those.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

tweeder 07-28-2020 3:33 AM


You're in a tough market but if I had the cash I would go with this one. In 2016 Axis redesigned the A20 hull and honestly, it's awesome. I have ridden the entire lineup of Axis. My favorite is the A24 but the 2016+ A20's always impressed me. The A20 will always have good resale due to its size and function. You could try to find a T-22.

Otherwise, take a look around what you could get for 40k and add a GSA. Unless the current economy takes a hit, anything in your price point is going to have good resale.

Xbigpun66 07-28-2020 12:23 PM

I'd go with an old school 210

udownwitogc 08-03-2020 1:56 AM

I am at the same place you are except I wanted to spend even less. From what everyone is telling me and from what I can see if you wait until end of October beginning of November there should be a good amount of boat inventory in your price range. Prices should come down a bit because people will want to unload them instead of storing them for winter. I understand if you want it for the end of summer you would get it now but waiting could save you quite a bit. At that time you might be able to get into a 2015 axis a22. That was the year they updated the hole and tower on the access. It will have surf gate as well as the manual wedge. All-around a good book for the price especially if you can find one in the mid to upper 40s. 2014s were going for upper 40s before Covid If you shopped around looking for a deal and were willing to drive. I saw some 2015 a20s and a a22s with high hours going for mid 40s

creekrat 08-10-2020 4:08 AM

We have a 2008 Supra Sunsport 22V that we will be selling here shortly to upgrade. I thought the process was going to be a couple years but the wife wants to have a new boat for next year and with her list of requirements(heater, seadeck, transom walkthru, mostly subfloor ballast, etc) who am I to argue

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