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AndrewSchmitty 06-05-2017 11:31 AM

Bimini for 2005 Supreme 208v w/ Swoop tower.
What bimini do you guys reccomend for a 2005 supreme 208v? I have the swoop tower and would prefer a bimini that only mounts to the tower, towable structure preferred.

onlyinboards 06-05-2017 2:50 PM

ProFlight Swoop? http://www.onlyinboards.com/Accessor...imini-Top.aspx

AndrewSchmitty 06-05-2017 3:32 PM

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Not the tower in the link you sent. It is my understanding the two stock options were pro flight or swoop. I might be incorrect about the names but I have the other option vs the tower in the link. im attaching a pic of tower

onlyinboards 06-05-2017 5:01 PM

We can build one for that tower either way - http://www.onlyinboards.com/Accessor...er-Bimini.aspx We sell the TowerBiminis ones.

wakebrdjay 06-18-2017 3:21 PM

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That looks like a ProFlite Godzilla tower.

wakebrdjay 06-18-2017 3:29 PM

slightly different but same general shape the bimini rear bar mounts to the rear tower leg the front bar of the bimini has a small bar coming off it that mounts with thumb screws to the front tower leg and there's a small bar that comes off the rear bimini bar that snaps in the quick release on the rear leg hold it taunt. The rear mount is a snap/quick release also. Can get better shots if you need them.

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