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wakeNsnow 07-27-2010 1:48 PM

Girl Rders in AZ
Hey ! I am looking for some other girl riders to go with! As fun as it is to go with all guys, it'd be nice to be able to have some other girls to wakeboard with!

I'm 20 & go to ASU, my parents have a Mastercraft X45 that they are always down to take out! My girl friends are the type of girls who wont get into the water if guys are with us (which is almost always) because they dont want to get their hair wet. Its annoying & I dont invite them anymore because its pointless for them to take up space on the boat!

Email me if youre interested!! tiafoster@live.com

01-11-2011 12:47 PM

Hey! I hope this offer still stands for this summer! I moved to AZ from CO last April and didnt get to go ride because I didnt know anyone with a boat. So if you ever need a third this summer, let me know! slh3787@live.com!

wakekat15 01-11-2011 2:51 PM

Contact CC (Christine) from the AWA...she runs the Arizona Wakeboard Association and could likely get you in contact with folks that can help you out with pulls. You can get her through the "Contact Us" section on this site:


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