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monkey_butt 07-09-2018 1:46 PM

Supra SL - transom LED wiring
Ordered my SL without it because it wouldn’t be strong/bright enough in our lake due to water quality. Surprisingly switch is hooked up and command center is showing solid/strobe function available.

Installed led light but would like to tie it into existing wiring instead of using one of the accessories switches if possible.

Tracing today didn’t do much. Found one set of wires on the right side just ending at the top rear ballast pump and a deutsch connector on the left side just below the cup holder near the surf locker. It was a 4 pin one ... which wouldn’t make much sense. Has anybody by chance seen where the wire for the transom led is hooked in during oil change or similar (you need to take the rear plastic panels out inside the surf locker to see it FYI

tyler97217 07-09-2018 5:04 PM

I have not checked on the SL, but I did find the wire on my old SC. Should be the same or similar. I removed the back wall in the rear port compartment and had to reach down low and found the wire sitting there labeled. Was very easy. Can guarantee it is the same now though, but I would put money on it that they did not re-invent the wheel.

monkey_butt 07-16-2018 6:48 AM

Dealer answered it … it's next to the wiring connection of the bilge blower - neatly labeled just never thought to look there. Can't use strobe mode - the OceanLED XP16 isn't liking it … but it also draws 4 amps … so I hope the wiring won't get fried. Will post pics once I have time to go out in the evening …

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