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bcall5 04-17-2014 6:15 AM

2013 LF B.O.B or Witness???
Looking for any comparisons you guys have between the two. Been looking pretty hard into both and really want to know what the overall comparison is. which has better pop? Softer landings? Better for the beginner/intermediate rider? Progression board?


carter134 04-20-2014 11:38 AM

they are both good boards. i personally like the bob better because of the 5 stage rocker and wood core. the 5 stage is awesome its got a bunch of pop and is still really quick and the wood core is more lively then the foam core in my opinion. my best friend has always liked a witness and when i talked him into trying the bob he likes it more. they both have a similar pop but i think bob lands softer and carries the speed better. as for a better beginner board maybe the wittness because you have the option for the middle fin to go in or out but on the bob you just have two screw in fins. you should be able to progress on either board well. the witness is very loose to when you remove the middle fin.

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