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guido 10-12-2011 12:57 PM

Beretta S. 685 Shotgun Q's
Does anybody know anything about this gun? 12ga over/under. Chambered 2.75"

As far as I can tell it was a lower level gun that was discontinued around 1986.

I've got a friend looking to sell one. I'm curious what the value is in excellent condition. Also, is this a viable gun to consider buying. Parts availability, etc. What I'm finding puts value between $400-$700, depending on condition and whether it's from a shop or not.

Lastly.... This gun was registered in CO to his brother who passed away about 10 years ago. He never registered it in CA to his name. What are the potential ramifications if he sells it. Can it be transferred, or will this cause problems for him.

Thanks in advance. It's a pretty neat looking gun. Lot's of detail work for a fairly inexpensive piece. I'm considering picking it up for myself if it can be done and is a worthwhile venture. I love over/unders. Very classic.

norcalrider 10-12-2011 1:50 PM

Shotguns do not currently need to be registered in California. Sales must be made through a licensed dealer (FFL) but other than that there shouldn't be any issues on possession/ownership of this gun assuming it is not a short-barrel.

There is a caveat, Gov. Brown did sign legislation Sunday enacting a long-gun registry so if you want to avoid being in the system make the deal before January 1.

barry 10-12-2011 2:16 PM

Contrary to popular belief, there is no law requiring the registration of any firearm in California, sans classified assault weapons. Like Norcalrider said, any transfer must be made through an FFL.
Long guns have no name attached to the serial number like handguns in California. They have no idea who owns that longarm, unless it's reported stolen.

Edit- The longarm registration is set to begin January 1st , 2014.

guido 10-12-2011 2:34 PM

I really had no idea. I knew about the proposed (now law, I guess) registry. What duty does a FFL perform?

norcalrider 10-12-2011 4:05 PM

FFL performs the transfer, background check and waiting period.

Barry is right on the start date of January 1, 2014.

guido 10-13-2011 8:28 AM

Hmm, all right. I always assumed that the FFL registered the gun. Thanks for the info, guys. I've got nothing to hide, so I'm not too worried about long gun registration. I'm sure there will be another fee attached. That part is lame. More gun control laws that don't work. We should have learned from the Canadians on that one. Their long gun registry was a major fail.

Now, anyone know anything aboutt the 685? Is this gun a good buy or something that should be passed on?

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