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Kane 07-13-2011 6:11 AM

Luna Grind
I'm thinking about getting my girlfriend a board for her brithday.
She's mentioned that she likes the Liquid Force Luna

Anyone know where I can get a Grind base cheap? Doesn't have to be this years model.

Would a 128 or 133 suit a 110lb girl best?


wakekat15 07-13-2011 2:29 PM

If you don't have a local shop, hit up Performance in Orlando. Ask for Danny, Anthony or Cathy and tell them Kat referred you and what you are looking for. If they have an older model (didn't see one on their website), they will make you a great deal! If not, they are still competitive on this year's model.

What size board does she ride now? I have a friend that size that is riding a 129 O'brien and loves it (as in, it isn't too small). If she's over 5'4", I'd say consider going up to the 133.


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