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zacharoo 05-05-2011 7:14 PM

Bought my wife a Ronix Faith, Hope & Love...
Anyone have any feedback on this board.....Its still a little chilly here in GA but wanted to ask if this a good board for a 5'4 beginner?

aliwake 05-05-2011 10:36 PM

Hi Zach, I haven't tried the FHL, but I did try the coy, which was the forerunner to the FHL. The coy was a really fun, reliable board. I found myself landing a lot of things that I was usually a bit sketchy on. I think the FHL will be a great board for your wife! Is she excited to get started? Let us know how she goes once it warms up :)

zacharoo 05-06-2011 8:45 AM

I will... she is so exicted to board that shes asking to watch a few of the DVD's .. I'm so proud!!!

sexyws6mama 05-07-2011 5:49 AM

Zach... 2010 FHL is what I rode last year and this year and it's the best board I have gotten! I love it. I would have gotten the 2011 FHL this year but didn't really like the graphics. I'm intermediate, but yeah it would be good for a beginner. Bindings are the best! She'll love it!

zacharoo 05-23-2011 1:06 PM

A small update: Lindsey is now doing a pro start and has mastered the first half of Detetion 2010. The weekend I see her trying wake to wake.

To show her how proud I am I bought her the Ronix FHL bindings!!

aliwake 05-26-2011 7:58 PM

That's great news Zach! you should post up some pics too :)

zacharoo 06-26-2011 4:18 PM

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A few pic's of Lindsey.

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