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boardman74 07-19-2012 12:49 PM

2004 X-30 wake.
Have been watching for a used V-drive and came across a 2004 MC X-30. Does anyone have any experience with this boat. I am an intermediate rider and I'm old so I don't need pro level wakes. We currently have an inboard open bow and just looking for more room and wake.

polarbill 07-19-2012 1:20 PM

I only wakeboarded behind one once but I remember it having a decent size clean/solid wake with jsut the measly stock 900-1000# ballast. A nice thing about them is if you decide you wan tto surf you can pull out the factory rear hard tanks and put in 750-1100# bags. For wakeboarding you woudl have to leave the rears mostly empty but at least you would have plumbed in ballast for surfing for cheap. That said I am not sure they are great surf boat. The boat itself is great. Huge, lots of storage, great quality. The tower on teh 04 was nice and the first to have the clamp racks. Some would probably say the boat drives like a big pig but in my opinion that doesn't matter at all. Unless you are boating on narrow waterways were you need to be able to turn around tightly it doesn't matter. The boat should have the MCX(good engine for that boat) or some may have had the LQ9 which is a liquid cooled 6.0L caddy engine. It would be nice to have the extra power but I think the LQ9 is crazy expensive if something goes wrong though. I think it is an aluminum block or something. Somewhere in that era of mastercrafts the vinyl wasn't the best. A lot of them had tears/cracks at the stitching. Might be something to look at. Price should be right around the 30k range for a nicely equipped and well taken car of boat in my opinion.

kskonn 07-19-2012 3:00 PM

I owned one fore two years, the wake for wakeboarding is fine for 90% of riders out there. You can throw just about any trick you want. It is rampy without a big peak.

I ran an Acme prop on mine, the other improvement I made was changing the rudder to the new style mastercraft rudder. Making this switch took my boat from a very average handle to a very good handling boat. It is also a very good surf wake, tons of room etc...

I would reccomend getting one with at least the MCX motor.

kskonn 07-19-2012 3:06 PM

FYI I sold mine with 700 hours on it and got 35k.

that was with upgraded stereo and new interior. so the boat was damn near perfect.

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